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Chavez talks oil with China

Jocelyn Ford | Aug 22, 2006
China hosts Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez today as he kicks off a six-day visit. Venezuela currently sells over half of its oil to the US, but Chavez is looking to divert some of that trade to China. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Influencing DC from abroad

Stephen Beard | Aug 22, 2006
British defense group BAE has emerged as one of the biggest corporate donors to US political candidates. The company has given more than $650,000 ahead of November's Congressional election. Stephen Beard reports.

SanDisk takes on iPod

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 22, 2006
Can iPod rival SanDisk really give the iconic digital music device a run for its money? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Business fare rollback

Bob Moon | Aug 22, 2006
United and American have scrapped recent increases in business fares, but is that bad news for the industry? Not necessarily, reports Bob Moon.

Volkswagen strike in Mexico

Dan Grech | Aug 22, 2006
Car manufacturing is big business in Mexico and workers at one plant there want a bigger cut. This week 9,700 workers at a Volkswagen plant went on strike — again. Dan Grech reports.
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Black box disclosure

| Aug 22, 2006
In response to criticism from privacy advocates, federal regulators will require automakers to inform car buyers if their vehicles contain a data recording device. Annie Baxter looks at why we might want to know.

BP denies it hid inspection data

Sam Eaton | Aug 21, 2006
British oil company BP denied allegations today that it manipulated data from inspections of Alaska pipelines which were partially shut down earlier this month because of corrosion problems. Sam Eaton reports.
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Iran vows to continue nuclear program

Hilary Wicai | Aug 21, 2006
Iranian government officials say that, despite U.N. demands, they will not suspend their nation's uranium enrichment. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Wyeth battles Prempro lawsuits

Helen Palmer | Aug 21, 2006
About 4,500 women have filed lawsuits against Wyeth for failing to warn them of cancer risks from its menopause drug Prempro that were found in a 2001 study. The first of those cases goes to trial tomorrow. Helen Palmer reports.
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A few billion saved is a few billion earned

Stephen Beard | Aug 21, 2006
Norway is the third largest exporter of oil after Saudi Arabia and Russia. The country, so far, has been socking most of its oil revenue into savings. But some argue it's time to live for today. Stephen Beard reports.
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