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Airbus takes another hit, but it's still competing

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 21, 2007
British Airways announced it's buying four new jets from Boeing — not Airbus — with the option to buy four more. John Newhouse, author of a new book on the Boeing-Airbus rivalry talks with Kai Ryssdal.
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An MIT education — no charge

Janet Babin | Feb 21, 2007
MIT has an alternative pricing plan for its courses. Total cost: not much more than an Internet connection. And you get everything regular students get . . . except the diploma. Janet Babin reports.

Everybody profits from fair-labor standards

| Feb 21, 2007
Democrats on Capitol Hill are pushing for fair-labor standards to be attached to all international trade agreements. Commentator Robert Reich says those standards would be good for both sides.
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Find your child a mate? It's a walk in the park

Scott Tong | Feb 21, 2007
Tens of millions of China's young people are unmarried and too busy working in the new Chinese economy to look for spouses. In Shanghai, parents are lending a hand with a trip to People's Park. Scott Tong reports.

Charity loophole stays wide open

Steve Henn | Feb 21, 2007
The new House rules are supposed to restrict privately-sponsored congressional getaways — but the rules don't apply if a charity's paying, and that means it could be on anyone's dime.
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Stopping the Texas coal rush

Sarah Gardner | Feb 21, 2007
A Texas power company wants to build 16 new coal-fired power plants and the governor is ready to fast-track the plan. That's sparked an all-out environmental war — with some strange bedfellows working together on the frontlines.

Does U.S. patent law travel?

Alisa Roth | Feb 21, 2007
AT&T wants Microsoft to pay for overseas patent infringement. The case goes before the Supreme Court today, and the outcome could have far-reaching effects.
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Warner clears path to EMI

Scott Jagow | Feb 21, 2007
European indie music force Impala has successfully lobbied to block Warner Music's previous attempts at buying EMI Records. So Warner made 'em a deal too good to pass up and now it's preparing an all-cash bid for EMI.
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Apple, Cisco still talking on iPhone

| Feb 21, 2007
The tech world is waiting today to see if the companies have finally come to an agreement. Cisco Systems sued Apple over the iPhone name back in January, but the conversation has lasted five years.
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An arm and both legs for health care

Sarah Gardner | Feb 21, 2007
Think we pay a lot for health care now? A report out today predicts that U.S. health care spending will double over the next decade — a growth rate some are calling unsustainable.
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