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Going bankrupt isn't cheap

| Apr 3, 2006
Economist Eric Talley and host Mark Austin Thomas discuss the paradox of why it costs so much money for companies to declare bankruptcy.
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GM to sell off GMAC

Bob Moon | Apr 3, 2006
Looking to raise much needed cash, General Motors today announced its plans to sell the majority stake of its financing arm to a private equity group. Bob Moon reports.

Now showing on your PC

Amy Scott | Apr 3, 2006
Hollywood has been afraid to offer movie downloads. It's been worried about piracy. But today, the studios announced a new service for selling feature films online. Amy Scott reports.

Lucent-Alcatel deal could face opposition

Stephen Beard | Apr 3, 2006
The $33-billion merger of Lucent Technologies of the U.S. with the French telecom equipment company Alcatel could run into political difficulties on both sides of the Atlantic. Stephen Beard reports.
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Immigration debate drives a wedge into GOP

Scott Tong | Apr 3, 2006
The U.S. Senate digs into immigration reform this week, including a bill that would create a guest worker program. The president and many immigrant groups support the idea, but it's pitting Republican against Republican. Scott Tong reports.
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And now, the 'Blook' prize

Janet Babin | Apr 3, 2006
The first Lulu Blooker awards are to be given out today to the best "blooks," or books based on blogs or websites. The awards are as much about generating a market for "blooks" as they are about recognizing outstanding content. Janet Babin reports.

Lay and Skilling to get their say

Tess Vigeland | Apr 3, 2006
Former Enron chiefs Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling get the chance to tell their version of the company's collapse as the defense begins its case today in the fraud and conspiracy trial against the two men. Tess Vigeland reports.

A green building in China

Jocelyn Ford | Apr 3, 2006
Jocelyn Ford tours Beijing's first certified green building and examines the growing market for environmentally friendly construction in the world's fastest growing economy.

Cell phones sales are hot in India

Miranda Kennedy | Apr 3, 2006
In India, people are buying cell phones like crazy. Motorola has just announced an aggressive plan to get in on that action. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Listener Letters for March 31, 2006

| Apr 1, 2006
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