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What's a sustainable weight?

Sarah Gardner | Apr 11, 2006
Government statistics say a full 60% of the US population weighs more than it should. The problem is particularly troubling among children. And experts warn our healthcare system won't be able to carry all that extra poundage. From the Sustainability Desk, Sarah Gardner reports.

The Undercover Economist on... Amazon reviews

Kai Ryssdal | Apr 11, 2006
Kai talks with Tim Harford about the reliability of those reviews on Harford is the author of "The Undercover Economist," an exploration of the economics behind everyday life.

Pakistan seeks to grow IT

Miranda Kennedy | Apr 11, 2006
When you think of fast growing Asian economies, China and India probably come to mind. But what about Pakistan? Miranda Kennedy reports on efforts to turn that country's largest city into an IT powerhouse that would rival India's Bangalore.

What's the plan for Europe's cell phones?

| Apr 11, 2006
Commentator David Wells says Americans who are upset about cell phone overage charges should consider the plight of the average mobile phone user in Europe.

Skilling's ready and willing

Bob Moon | Apr 11, 2006
Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling is expected back on the witness stand today where he'll continue to protest his innocence. But prosecutors are already incorporating his testimony into their cross-examination. Bob Moon reports.

Oil prices climb in Europe

Stephen Beard | Apr 11, 2006
The price of oil closed in on $70 a barrel in European trading this morning. Stephen Beard reports on what's fueling the rise.
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Summer gasoline prices expected to rise

Jeff Tyler | Apr 11, 2006
The Department of Energy releases its outlook for summer gasoline prices today, and motorists had better prepare for some bad news. Jeff Tyler reports.

US-China trade talks

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Apr 11, 2006
Representatives from the US and China sit down today to seek resolution on long-simmering trade disputes. Ashley Milne-Tyte has more on what's at stake.
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It's first-quarter earnings season

Rachel Dornhelm | Apr 11, 2006
Corporate America is turning in its report cards from the first quarter of the year. Analysts expect the overall picture to be mixed. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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SEC has a new watchdog

Stacey Vanek Smith | Apr 11, 2006
Criticized for not being vigilant against investor fraud, the Securities and Exchange Commission has picked a former Merrill Lynch attorney to head its investment management division. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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