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Nurses sick over salaries

Janet Babin | Jun 21, 2006
Nurses in four cities have filed lawsuits naming two big hospital chains, saying their employers illegally shared wage information. They're demanding millions in back pay and other compensation. Janet Babin reports.
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Lobbying reform stalled

Eric Niiler | Jun 20, 2006
Former White House aide David Safavian was found guilty today of covering up his relationship with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. But even as the justice system cracks down on lobbyist influence, Congress still can't police itself. Eric Niiler reports.
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Parsons loses another military contract

Lisa Napoli | Jun 20, 2006
The Army Corps of Engineers has canceled another deal with military contractor Parsons. The company's now lost $400 billion worth of rebuilding deals in Iraq in a matter of weeks. Lisa Napoli has the details.
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Cautious mood on Wall Street

Bob Moon | Jun 20, 2006
New housing starts last month were higher than expected. Those numbers out today brought some relief to the stock market, but investors remain cautious ahead of next week's Fed meeting. Bob Moon reports.
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Raise the minimum wage

| Jun 20, 2006
Tomorrow the Senate will consider a bill that would raise the minimum wage by more than $2 an hour. Commentator Beth Shulman says it's the right thing to do.
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E-minis open oil trading to small investors

| Jun 20, 2006
Oil is the most-traded commodity on the planet, but until recently there weren't many good strategies for the average investor who wants a piece of the action. Doesn't mean it's not risky though. Andrew Haeg explains.
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Looking to kick-start German economy

Kyle James | Jun 20, 2006
German soccer fans are hoping they'll make it to the World Cup final in July.German politicians are looking to get an economic boost in a country that's been in the doldrums for a couple years. Kyle James reports from Berlin.
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Is diesel the next alternative fuel?

| Jun 20, 2006
Le Mans is one of the most grueling of all car races, and this year an Audi powered by diesel won it. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to L.A. Times auto critic Dan Neil about the remarkably quiet, clean race car and the future of diesel.
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Did Greenspan fail us?

Stephen Beard | Jun 20, 2006
A group of fund managers and commentators is blaming former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan for current inflation fears that have been wreaking havoc on world markets. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
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Proxy season fallout

| Jun 20, 2006
Commentator Matthew Bishop argues this year's shareholder revolts over corporate governance and policy are just the initial skirmishes in a longer fight to give investors more say over the companies they own.