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Targeting ancient tablets to settle a score

Diantha Parker | Jan 18, 2007
American courts have awarded about <nobr>$6 billion</nobr> to U.S. citizens injured in terrorist attacks funded by Iran. One group of victims is trying to get Iran to pay up in an unusual way. Diantha Parker reports.
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Energy boom fallout in Utah

Sam Eaton | Jan 18, 2007
Oil and gas drilling has reached 21-year highs in parts of the West. But while business is booming, some longtime residents are worse off than ever before. Sam Eaton has the story.

Ultimate fighting's all about blood &mdash; and money

Lisa Napoli | Jan 18, 2007
Decide for yourself if the sport is too violent, but there's no denying the money it's making. Is Corporate America ready to put its name behind mixed martial arts? David Carter says now might be the time.
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Exxon Mobil showing its greener side

John Dimsdale | Jan 18, 2007
After decades of fighting regulations and denying climate change is real, Big Oil is showing signs that it recognizes the science &mdash; and politics &mdash; of global warming have changed. But consumers beware, John Dimsdale reports.

Women don't stay on engineering track

Janet Babin | Jan 18, 2007
A British study out today found that the number of women engineering students is up &mdash; but not the number of women working as engineers. Janet Babin reports.
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Europe poised to tighten accounting rules

Stephen Beard and Bob Moon | Jan 18, 2007
An EU regulation set to take effect next year could be even stricter than Sarbanes-Oxley &mdash; and that could stop the flow of businesses abandoning Wall Street to list on the London Exchange. Stephen Beard explains.
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London exchange on the offensive

Stephen Beard | Jan 18, 2007
The London Stock Exchange has stepped up its efforts to ward off a hostile takeover bid by NASDAQ, increasing its share buyback program by almost half a billion dollars. Stephen Beard reports.
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Intel behaving badly?

Steve Tripoli | Jan 18, 2007
European antitrust regulators reportedly are being urged by their investigators to charge the computer chip maker with anti-competitive practices. Steve Tripoli has details.
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Coming together for the uninsured

Hilary Wicai | Jan 18, 2007
America's 47 million uninsured are creating a health care crisis, and out of necessity has come a coalition of strange bedfellows working together for a solution. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Inflation watch: Consumer prices climb

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Jan 18, 2007
The latest numbers from the Labor Department shoe that the Consumer Price Index rose half a percent, but economists say it's not cause for alarm. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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