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There's a lot to like about cash investing

| Jun 22, 2007
In today's low-inflation, rising interest-rate environment, cash investments like CDs and money markets are looking more attractive. Steve Tripoli reports on the quieter side of investing.
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Straight Story: Drug safety

Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell | Jun 22, 2007
Economics editor Chris Farrell says to better monitor drug safety, Congress should give the FDA more funding.

Mailbag for Friday, June 22, 2007

| Jun 22, 2007
This week, Chris Farrell answers listener questions about choosing a closed end fund, investing as a teenager and taking care of a child with a disability.
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Day in the Work Life: Castles in the sand

| Jun 22, 2007
He builds works of wonder with sand and gets paid for it. Life really can be a beach.

Financial advice for the class of 2007

| Jun 22, 2007
You've got your degree and you're ready to take on the world. But are you ready to pay for it? We got some advice from the class of 2006 on how to manage your cash in the real world.

Private equity may have tax bill coming

Steve Tripoli | Jun 22, 2007
With The Blackstone Group going public today, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts may be next. But Congress is looking into how private-equity earnings are taxed. So how can anyone know what the companies will be worth? Steve Tripoli reports.
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Competition for Paris interview is hot

Jill Barshay | Jun 22, 2007
TV networks that offered to pay Paris Hilton for an exclusive post-jail interview have apparently backed away from their plans due to negative reaction. Jill Barshay reports on what the networks could reap in ad sales for the interview.
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Pork: True in the '30s, true today

| Jun 22, 2007
This week the House Appropriations Committee approved $153 million worth of legislative earmarks. Commentator Amity Shlaes says such funding certainly isn't new. There's a lot of history behind the pork barrel.
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NYC to close schools for pregnant teens

Alisa Roth | Jun 22, 2007
New York City is shutting down a system of temporary, alternative programs for pregnant teenagers. The city and other districts say the schools no longer serve their intended purpose. Alisa Roth reports.

Week on Wall Street

Tess Vigeland | Jun 22, 2007
Kim Clark, personal finance columnist for U.S. News and World Report, discusses with host Tess Vigeland what happened on Wall Street this week and what may lie ahead.
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