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Hotel execs call for immigration reform

Kai Ryssdal | May 15, 2007
CEOs of six big hotel chains have written an open letter to Congress demanding action on immigration reform. One of them, Bill Marriott of Marriott International, spoke with Kai Ryssdal.
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Kibbutzim drop socialism to survive

Shia Levitt | May 15, 2007
About a century after they were first formed on socialist ideals, at least half of Israel's kibbutzim are leaving collective econonomics behind. Shia Levitt reports.
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Business Historian Alfred Chandler, Jr.

Chris Farrell | May 15, 2007
In the history of business, B. C. stands for Before Chandler. The Harvard Business School professor transformed the study of Big Business in...

Inflation? What inflation?

Chris Farrell | May 15, 2007
More evidence that inflation isn't a concern, no matter what the Fed says. Today's inflation report has core consumer prices up 2.3% in the 12...

(Cafe)Press your politics and profit

Sean Cole | May 15, 2007
If you can think it up, you can sell it on a bumper sticker. Coffee mug. T-shirt. Thong (yes, the underwear). makes it easy to market your political views or random thoughts. A lot of people are doing it — and making money, Sean Cole reports.

Freelance-onomics 101: Bosses are for suckers

| May 15, 2007
Something just doesn't feel right about having to answer to a boss, no? Freelance speechwriter James Braly explains that you take a big chance putting your livelihood in one person's hands. Better to spread the risk around. And give him a condo already.
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Food prices spike on demand, energy costs

Janet Babin | May 15, 2007
A new federal report says the sticker shock at many American supermarkets is directly related to the rising cost of energy and a bigger appetite across the globe. Janet Babin reports.
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All the news that's fit to buy

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | May 15, 2007
Reuters and Canadian publisher Thomson have a $17.2 billion deal. Combined, the companies would create the world's biggest provider of financial news and data, but the proposed merger could face regulatory and union problems, Stephen Beard reports.
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Tinkering with Chrysler

Steve Tripoli | May 15, 2007
Cerberus may have picked up Chrysler for a steal <i>if</i> it can get the automaker back on a profitable course. We sent Steve Tripoli to find out whether analysts think a comeback is really in the works and what it'll take.
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Sex offenders still lurking on MySpace

| May 15, 2007
MySpace is back in the hot seat. Eight states have asked the social networking site to hand over info on registered sex offenders and remove their profiles. MySpace says it's already working on the latter, Pat Loeb reports.
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