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No stagflation this time around

Scott Jagow | Apr 19, 2007
Some economists are concerned that conditions are ripe for stagflation and they're drawing parallels to the stagflation economy of the '70s. But Chris Farrell says put your disco shoes away, it's not gonna happen.
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Security at your fingertips

| Apr 19, 2007
If technology has made identity theft easier, it may also be the best tool to fight the crime. Some companies are starting to use BioPassword to secure their logins. The software uses biometric science to measure your keystrokes and confirm your identity.
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Campuses clamor for danger alert system

Andrea Gardner | Apr 19, 2007
Colleges across the nation have sought out better emergency notification systems in the days following Monday's deadly shootings at Virginia Tech. That's led hundreds of them to a company called Omnilert.
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Twice the oil in Iraq?

Stephen Beard | Apr 19, 2007
A new IHS report claims Iraq is sitting on massive oil reserves — 100 billion barrels more than expected. But skeptics say there's no way the group can be certain of its findings, especially given the ongoing violence there.
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Fruit getting more expensive by the freeze

Janet Babin | Apr 19, 2007
Consumers could continue to see sky-high prices and shortages in fruit bins this year. First a January freeze devastated citrus crops in California. Now rain and unseasonably cold weather have wiped out entire apple and peach crops in the Southeast.

Wolfowitz asked to step down

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Apr 19, 2007
A top deputy at the World Bank has asked Paul Wolfowitz to step down, but he may not be going anywhere just yet. President Bush is standing behind the bank president, so it'll be a game of high-stakes politics if the board wants to force him out.
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Washington quarrels over CEO pay

Steve Henn | Apr 19, 2007
The House is set to approve a bill by the end of the week that would give shareholders greater say in CEO pay, but the bill's prospects of becoming law are bleak. It's opposed by the White House and many business groups.
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Hoping for a health care revolution

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Apr 19, 2007
AOL founder Steve Case has put up $100 million of his own money on the belief that American health consumers are ready for a change. He's launching a website today that aims to give us "better choices, more convenience and more control."
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Seeking a royal resolution

Dan Grech | Apr 19, 2007
Argentina and Uruguay are locked in a bitter dispute over a $1.2 billion paper plant on their shared border, so they've asked... the King of Spain to step in? Yes, it seems King Juan Carlos is something of a peacemaker in the region.
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Dems increase interest in student loan changes

Steve Henn | Apr 18, 2007
Key Democratic congressional leaders are demanding that the Department of Education make immediate changes to the federal student loan program. Steve Henn reports.
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