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It's Sarkozy's economy now

| May 16, 2007
Past attempts at reforming the French economy have not been met kindly by its labor unions, but Nicolas Sarkozy was sworn in as that country's new president today and he may have a better shot at success than his predecessors.
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Blair's goodbye to Washington

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | May 16, 2007
Tony Blair will visit today with President Bush for the final time as Britain's prime minister. Their relationship has seriously damaged Blair's popularity back home, but he's not going out as Bush's lapdog, Stephen Beard reports.
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Nanotechnology, nanoregulation

Janet Babin | May 16, 2007
There's an increasing chance that the stuff you use to clean your face or shampoo your hair contains submicroscopic particles. But while the list of consumer products using nanomaterials is growing fast, regulation of them is not. Janet Babin reports.
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Character-based loans grow in Kenya

Gretchen Wilson | May 16, 2007
Microlending is having a major impact in Kenya, sparking as many as 40,000 small businesses as its poorest residents take advantage of the new opportunity. And with reputations on the line, the payback rate is outstanding, Gretchen Wilson reports.
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Gas and food prices keep climbing

| May 15, 2007
The Energy Department says gas inventories are low and, despite high prices, demand just keeps rising. And food prices are going up as well. Pat Loeb reports.
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Harrah's considers Biloxi a good gamble

Steve Tripoli | May 15, 2007
Casino giant Harrah's announced it will team up with Jimmy Buffett on a $700 million casino and resort in Biloxi, Miss. It'll be the biggest investment in the state's Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina. Steve Tripoli reports.

Putting stock in China

Lisa Napoli | May 15, 2007
Nasdaq is reported to be talking with regulators in China about setting up shop in Beijing. And Amy Scott reports, that may be just the beginning.
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The deal's in the data

Lisa Napoli | May 15, 2007
The financial news giant Reuters has agreed to a merger with its Canadian rival Thomson. The price tag's a bit more than <nobr>$17 billion.</nobr> Lisa Napoli reports.
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India's newspapers are read all over

Miranda Kennedy | May 15, 2007
More than 300 big papers are read by almost 160 million people in India. And with people becoming more literate, the number and size of newspapers keeps growing. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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There's a good side to subprime lending

| May 15, 2007
Subprime lenders are going bankrupt and Congress is holding hearings on predatory lending. But commentator and economist Susan Lee still thinks there's an upside to subprime.
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