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Cleaning Beirut's beaches

| Aug 24, 2006
Israeli air strikes spilled thousands of gallons of gas and oil into the Mediterranean Sea, polluting Lebanon's formerly-pristine coastline. Can the country reclaim its tourism image? Ben Gilbert reports.
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Leisure industry not having much fun

| Aug 24, 2006
It's almost the end of summer. It may have been fun and sun for most people, but the season hasn't been a good one for the luxury leisure industry. Mike Rhee tells us why.

Working with cancer

Hilary Wicai | Aug 24, 2006
More than 650,000 working Americans are going to get cancer this year and most of them will return to work. That means employers are going to have to figure out a way to deal with the disease as well. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Cheaper oil on the way?

Scott Jagow | Aug 24, 2006
Host Scott Jagow and Marketplace economic correspondent Chris Farrell look at the role of speculators in the crude oil market.

Israeli farmers trying to recover

Hilary Krieger | Aug 24, 2006
Nearly a third of Israel's agriculture producers have taken a hit from the war. Now, those farmers are trying to start up again. Hilary Krieger reports.
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Extradition controversy resurfaces

Stephen Beard | Aug 24, 2006
A British businessman indicted for fraud in the US could be brought here in chains even though he's offered to travel voluntarily to face the charges, reigniting the controversy in Britain about the extradition treaty with America. Stephen Beard reports.
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'Big Blue' gets bigger

Janet Babin | Aug 24, 2006
Janet Babin looks at what's behind IBM's move to acquire three companies that provide technology management software or services since the beginning of the month.

Stem cell breakthrough?

Helen Palmer | Aug 24, 2006
A biotech company claims it can create embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos. But that still might not be enough to entice investors. Helen Palmer reports.
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Microsoft tries to salvage holiday sales

| Aug 24, 2006
With its Vista operating system missing the holiday sales release window, software giant Microsoft lays out a strategy to up PC sales in December. Jason Paur explains.
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Mission: Spy expo

Jeff Tyler | Aug 24, 2006
Each year, Raleigh, North Carolina, hosts a meeting of spies where the public can meet real, live James Bonds — and sometimes endure a sales pitch at the same time. Jeff Tyler has the story.