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More and more jobs land in India

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jul 5, 2007
India's tech and services sectors are growing by leaps and bounds. This year, revenues in the tech sector alone are expected to reach $50 billion. And a lot of that dough is coming from American companies, Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Too much wine in Europe

Jill Barshay | Jul 5, 2007
That's right, so much wine that European taxpayers are pouring close to a billion dollars a year into getting rid of all the excess grapes. So yesterday the E.U. proposed an overhaul of the wine sector. Jill Barshay has details.
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China with a capital C

Scott Jagow | Jul 5, 2007
A new Price Waterhouse Coopers report predicts the Chinese stock market will lead the world in IPOs this year, but Shanghai dropped 5 percent today. Financial Times' Robin Kwong says government worries about an economic bubble have investors worried too.
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Roswell cashing in on UFO business

Janet Babin | Jul 5, 2007
For better or worse, the legendary UFO incident of 1947 forever changed the town of Roswell, New Mexico, but somewhere along the line its residents learned to embrace the folklore. And cash in on it. Janet Babin explains.
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Old citizenship rates going, going...

Dan Grech | Jul 5, 2007
There's been a surge in citizenship applications across the country in the past six months. Patriotic fervor? More likely, immigrants are hoping to avoid the 69 percent increase in the application fee. Dan Grech reports.
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U.K. tightens rules on skilled immigrants

Dan Grech | Jul 4, 2007
After bomb scares in London and Glasgow, Britain has announced it will increase security checks on highly skilled immigrant workers. Dan Grech reports on how this move will affect a British economy that's dependent on foreigners.
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KKR to air its private equity in public

Jeremy Hobson | Jul 4, 2007
Private equity firm KKR is seeking to raise $1.25 billion in an initial public offering. Why go public now? Jeremy Hobson reports.
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A new way to get a loan

Amy Scott | Jul 4, 2007
People create financial independence under various definitions. Amy Scott takes a look at a new way to borrow and lend that doesn't slap on usurious interest charges.

You, too, could be a global microlender

Tess Vigeland | Jul 4, 2007
Looking for a new way to invest? How about lending to a business on the other side of the world? New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof did, and traveled to meet his beneficiaries. He talks to Tess Vigeland.
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Investing newfound fortune at home

Miranda Kennedy | Jul 4, 2007
Here's a sure way to gain financial independence: Win the lottery! One lucky lotto player took his winnings to the bank and to his hometown of Battagram, Pakistan. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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