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Double-wide trouble for mobile-home owners

Sam Eaton | May 17, 2007
Rising land values are putting the squeeze on trailer parks. In Washington state so many have closed it's turned into a full-blown housing crisis. Sam Eaton reports.
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Low-income lending makes poverty worse

Scott Jagow | May 17, 2007
The credit industry has been allowed to aggressively pursue low-income borrowers and that's made a bad situation worse for many poor Americans. Chris Farrell says federal regulators are overdue to step in and stop the cycle of abuse.
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It's not on the menu, but...

| May 17, 2007
We'll take ours protein-style. It isn't hard to find regulars at some well-known fast-food restaurants ordering "secret" menu items. And allowing this off-the-menu behavior can be a very smart business move, Pat Loeb reports.

Lexus ups the ante in hybrid car market

Janet Babin | May 17, 2007
Toyota is betting big on the future of the hybrid vehicle market with a super-deluxe luxury Lexus model, available in the U.S. sometime this summer. It's part of a growing "green" trend in the auto industry. Janet Babin reports.
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Free trade deal or no deal

John Dimsdale | May 17, 2007
Both Republicans and Democrats seem to be having regrets about last week's free trade agreement, but some are hoping the fleeting moment of bipartisanship will last long enough to push a couple deals through. John Dimsdale reports.
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Starting at small forward. . . London

| May 17, 2007
The NBA is capitalizing on its growing international appeal and opening up shop in London. The league says it wants to be closer to its European fans, whose numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, so to speak. Pat Loeb has details.
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Brown is the new Blair

Stephen Beard | May 17, 2007
Britain is beginning to see hints that its economic bubble could burst, so perhaps Gordon Brown's less cheerful disposition will be an apt fit for the nation's mood when he takes over as prime minister next month. Stephen Beard reports.
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Rethinking crop subsidies

| May 17, 2007
Lawmakers will soon consider whether to insure crops that could serve as important sources of alternative fuels, but there are a lot of unanswered questions. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Sell, Warren Buffett?

Chris Farrell | May 16, 2007
Okay, Warren Buffett doesn't need any financial advice from me. But it's free, so here goes....

How realistic is Congress' budget?

Kai Ryssdal | May 16, 2007
Congressional Democrats announced their 2008 budget plan, totalling $2.9 trillion. But is it worth the reams of paper it's written on? Budget watcher Maya McGuineas takes a look at the details with Kai Ryssdal.
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