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Budget dodges killer asteroids

| Mar 28, 2007
Hard choices have to be made as Congress hammers out a new budget, but Robert Reich wonders why lawmakers aren't throwing more cash NASA's way to protect us from planetary destruction — and why other countries aren't pitching in.
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Open source science

Janet Babin | Mar 28, 2007
Generally, only successful experiments are published in scientific journals, so researchers spend a lot of time repeating ones that fail. But now one professor and his students are breaking tradition and publishing <i>all</i> their findings online.
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Racing the clock for free trade

Bob Moon | Mar 28, 2007
Negotiators are sprinting towards a free trade agreement with South Korea before the President's fast-track authority deadline. And the clock's ticking louder now that Chevron and other U.S. companies have threatened to withdraw support.
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Burger King uncaged . . . a little

Alisa Roth | Mar 28, 2007
The burger chain says it will start buying 2% of its eggs and 10% of its pork from suppliers who don't cage the animals. Doesn't sound like much, but it's a significant philosophical change &mdash; and BK says it'll use more as supply becomes available.
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Tracking carbon reduction's payoff

Sam Eaton | Mar 28, 2007
As more and more U.S. cities and corporations sign agreements to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, there's one lingering question: Is it working? Federal scientists are developing a new modeling tool to find out.
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Unknown risks in the big business of tiny science

Stephen Beard and Lisa Napoli | Mar 28, 2007
Nanotechnology has already quietly influenced hundreds of consumer products, but now Britain's top scientific advisory body is calling for more research on potential hazards of the fast-growing and profitable industry.
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Moms-to-be may wanna skip the beef

Helen Palmer | Mar 28, 2007
Results of a new study suggest that eating a lot of beef during pregnancy may adversely affect fertility of boys in the womb. Researchers found that the more beef the mother ate, the lower her son's sperm count later in life.
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Coming soon: Bank by cell phone

| Mar 28, 2007
AT&amp;T is working with four major banks so that their customers can check their accounts and pay bills from their cell phones. And there won't even be extra fees &mdash; at least initially.
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Indexing All the Time

Chris Farrell | Mar 27, 2007
Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is hardly a household name, Which isn't surprising since until recently it focused on institutional investors (like...
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Bigger hit expected from housing market woes

Amy Scott | Mar 27, 2007
Some analysts are now saying publicly what others have been thinking: There's got to be a wider economic impact before the housing slump is over. Amy Scott reports.
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