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Piracy losses disputed

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | May 8, 2007
New research says losses in overseas sales due to piracy are drastically lower than business groups have been claiming. That's creating concern that the new numbers will take the heat off countries like China, Stephen Beard tells us.
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More pork than water?

Steve Henn | May 8, 2007
Watchdog groups are calling it the biggest pork-barrel water projects bill ever. The Senate wants to spend $32 billion for hundreds of projects — like millions to keep a California beach sandy. Steve Henn reports.
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Checking in on Real ID

| May 8, 2007
A Senate committee today revisits the Real ID Act, which creates a federal standard for state IDs. Most folks agree it's a good idea, but no one wants to foot the expensive bill, reports Jeremy Hobson.
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Italy seeks leaders with less

| May 8, 2007
The days of billionaire media moguls running Italy may be numbered. The present government is trying to push through a law that would keep anyone with business interests over about $18 million out of office. Megan Williams reports.
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Feeling bearish? Foiled again

Amy Scott | May 7, 2007
News of Alcoa's hostile, $27 billion bid for Canadian competitor Alcan pushed the Dow ever higher today. The stock market's on a winning streak it hasn't seen since 1927. Amy Scott looks into whether it can sustain it.
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Reporters claim HP invaded their privacy

Steve Henn | May 7, 2007
Three C-Net reporters are planning to sue Hewlett Packard. It's the latest twist in the company's spying scandal. Steve Henn reports.
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Big business targets health care reform

Janet Babin | May 7, 2007
A group of Fortune 500 companies announced today their support for reforming health care and the formation of a coalition that will push for mandatory market-based health insurance. Janet Babin reports.
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Why not break the money taboo?

| May 7, 2007
Commentator Shira Boss says we're more likely to know about our friends taking antidepressants than about how they handle their money — and that should change.
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Profiting from social responsibility

| May 7, 2007
Capitalism's traditional view is that companies exist to make money for shareholders — period. But one group is trying to change that definition. Alex Goldmark reports.

Directors offer Hollywood a package deal

Lisa Napoli | May 7, 2007
Five Mexican movie directors are shopping themselves in a five-picture, all-or-nothing deal that could fetch $100-million. Lisa Napoli reports.
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