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Converting pounds into dollars

Helen Palmer | Apr 10, 2007
Besides the impact to your health, there are costs of carrying too much flesh on your bones. Helen Palmer reports in our occasional series on the economic effects of fat.
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Student-loan deals draw legal interest

| Apr 10, 2007
Investigations into the student loan industry continue to widen. Kai Ryssdal talks with education policy expert Stephen Burd about how schools and lenders are trying to sort things out.
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Chavez opponents left jobless, blacklisted

Dan Grech | Apr 10, 2007
Just as in the U.S., controversy over politically motivated firings is raging in Venezuela. But the scale of the alleged political discrimination is far wider. Dan Grech reports.

$100 billion LBO?

Chris Farrell | Apr 10, 2007
The Sunday Express, a British tabloid, reported the other day that a group of Middle east investors and U.S. private equity firms had combined...
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China's mad

Scott Jagow | Apr 10, 2007
Yesterday, the U.S. said it was filing complaints against China over its failure to reduce piracy. Today China's biting back, saying the complaints would seriously damage the trade relationship between the nations.
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State funding breathes life back into arts

Stacey Vanek Smith | Apr 10, 2007
A few years back, many state coffers were bare. When budgets had to be slashed, arts funding was one of the biggest casualties. Now that money is coming back — and it has everything to do with local economics.
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AMT for all!

| Apr 10, 2007
Economist and commentator Susan Lee says dumping the Alternative Minimum Tax is a mistake. She argues we'd be much better off embracing the tax everyone loves to hate and making it universal.
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Wall Street's prognosis: negative

Amy Scott | Apr 10, 2007
Earnings season kicks off today on Wall Street and it's looking a little sickly. Some analysts are saying the three-and-a-half-year corporate profit streak may be nearing an end.
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Monitoring software getting too smart?

Janet Babin | Apr 10, 2007
In the ongoing battle over use of copyrighted materials online, software makers now have a product that actually watches video to check for infringement. But if sites like YouTube use it, they could be headed down a slippery slope.
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Puma races into luxury

Stephen Beard | Apr 10, 2007
Analysts say it could be a perfect fit. French luxury group PPR has made a buyout offer to add German sportswear maker Puma to a retail collection that includes Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent — and Puma is happy to accept.
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