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One tiny chip, one trillion operations per second

Scott Jagow | Feb 12, 2007
Intel's newest chip is fast alright, but IT expert Barry Fox says what's really revolutionary here is how little energy it runs on.
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Home Depot's soft spot

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 12, 2007
The home improvement giant rolls out a new ad campaign today and it's meant to tug at consumers' heartstrings. The retailer is hoping to move past the bad publicity surrounding former CEO Bob Nardelli's departure.

On-screen smoking for adults only?

Jeff Tyler | Feb 12, 2007
Most Americans support an automatic R rating for movies that show actors smoking cigarettes. So says a poll out today. If that happened, it could cost the tobacco industry billions.
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Introducing AFRICOM

Eric Niiler | Feb 12, 2007
Africa is finally getting a little recognition. The Pentagon is creating a U.S. command center for the region in order to, among other things, protect economic interests there — such as oil.
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BP shareholders take on executive pay

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Feb 12, 2007
A group of public pension funds wants the oil giant to connect executive pay to safety, not just cost-cutting. And some are calling for a pay freeze for the outgoing CEO.
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London exchange says no to Nasdaq

Stephen Beard | Feb 12, 2007
Nasdaq won over less than a percent of London Stock Exchange shareholders with its hostile takeover bid. And that leaves the LSE free to pursue a partnership with Tokyo.
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NYSE nears transatlantic finish line

Amy Scott | Feb 12, 2007
While Nasdaq's overseas bid has fizzled, the SEC is reportedly close to approving the NYSE's merger with Euronext.
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Venezuela's taking back the power

Dan Grech | Feb 12, 2007
A Virginia company is selling one of its subsidiaries back to Venezuela for less than half the purchase price as Hugo Chavez makes good on his promise to nationalize the country's energy companies.
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Iraq funding faces uphill battle with Murtha

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Feb 9, 2007
Top Army officers met up with a tough Bush administration critic on Capitol Hill today as they addressed the president's request for further Iraq war funding. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Minimum-wage accord faces maximum challenge

Steve Tripoli | Feb 9, 2007
A House committee released a $1.2 billion package of small-business tax cuts today. The House is trying to find common ground with the Senate on a minimum-wage increase, but that ground is proving shaky. Steve Tripoli reports.
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