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Kids and your golden years

| Aug 11, 2006
It is hard enough to save for retirement. But how do you save for your senior years when your kids are seniors in high school? Money Magazine's Ellen McGirt talks about the dollar dilemmas facing older parents.

Money Matters: Lost and found

| Aug 11, 2006
Billions of dollars of unclaimed property could be yours. Want to know how to get that money back? Kai talks with Jeb Spaulding, the past president of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

The PC at 25

| Aug 11, 2006
Twenty five years ago, IBM launched its first PC. On its anniversary, we take a look at how the computer put the personal in personal finance.

Sandwich generation

| Aug 11, 2006
Millions of baby-boomers have become part of the "sandwich generation" -- taking care of both their kids and their elderly parents. Apryl Lundsten has the story.

No short term interest hike

| Aug 11, 2006
The Fed decided this week not to raise short term interest rates. If you carry a credit card balance that news should bring a smile. You won't necessarily see higher rates, but that's no reason to stop paying down your credit cards. We've got the story of one woman who got tired of making excuses.

Pension bill

Scott Tong | Aug 11, 2006
Congress just passed a sweeping pension reform bill. Scott Tong reports on the changes in store for your retirement plan.

Investing in security checkpoints

Bob Moon | Aug 11, 2006
Liquids may not be allowed back on planes for quite some time. Bob Moon looks at how much it will cost to implement a passenger screening system that can detect liquid bombs — and whether it's a smart investment.

Stepping up the hybrid race

Janet Babin | Aug 11, 2006
GM, BMW and DaimlerChrysler said today they're committing $1 billion to a new hybrid engine. It has the potential to save more fuel than a Toyota Prius, but is it too little too late? Janet Babin reports.

Happy 25th, IBM PC

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 11, 2006
25 years ago today, IBM released its first personal computer. It was a moment that changed the world, in part because IBM used software from a little-known company called Microsoft. Host Kai Ryssdal looks back with computer maven Robert Cringely.
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Time to reconsider terrorism futures

| Aug 11, 2006
Several years ago the Pentagon proposed creating a futures market to predict terror attacks. In light of yesterday's news about a major terror plot, commentator and economist Susan Lee says we should rethink the idea.