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Stem cell breakthrough?

Helen Palmer | Aug 24, 2006
A biotech company claims it can create embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos. But that still might not be enough to entice investors. Helen Palmer reports.
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Microsoft tries to salvage holiday sales

| Aug 24, 2006
With its Vista operating system missing the holiday sales release window, software giant Microsoft lays out a strategy to up PC sales in December. Jason Paur explains.
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Mission: Spy expo

Jeff Tyler | Aug 24, 2006
Each year, Raleigh, North Carolina, hosts a meeting of spies where the public can meet real, live James Bonds — and sometimes endure a sales pitch at the same time. Jeff Tyler has the story.

Copper strike in Chile

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 24, 2006
A strike at the world's largest copper mine has gone into its 18th day, but higher copper prices don't seem to have given workers much leverage in demanding higher wages. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Rite Aid is growing

Hilary Wicai | Aug 24, 2006
The drug store chain Rite Aid said today it's buying the Eckerd and Brooks chains from a Canadian firm. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Should monks accept gifts?

Jocelyn Ford | Aug 24, 2006
China's most famous kung fu monk is the center of a hot debate on the Internet. Chinese Web surfers are debating whether it's OK for monks from the famed Shaolin Temple that's inspired many martial arts movies to live in luxury.
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Housing shows signs of not-so-soft landing

Bob Moon | Aug 23, 2006
Numbers out today show that existing home sales tanked in July to their lowest level in two years. It's one of many signs pointing to a general slowdown of the economy. Bob Moon reports.
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BP showing its greener side?

Sam Eaton | Aug 23, 2006
Oil giant BP launched a Web site today that lets drivers donate money to offset their carbon dioxide emissions. The cash will go toward renewable energy projects. But is it sanctimony or selflessness? Sam Eaton reports.

Tom Cruise as investment strategy

Jeff Tyler | Aug 23, 2006
After 14 years Paramount Pictures has said it'll end ties with megastar Tom Cruise. His camp announced they'll finance future projects using hedge fund money. Jeff Tyler has the story.
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Still waiting for that trickle-down

| Aug 23, 2006
President Bush last week touted economic growth and a shrinking deficit. But consumer confidence is at an all-time low. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson calls this disconnect "the $64,000 question." Commentator Robert Reich has an answer.