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Steamed over coffee prices

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jan 29, 2007
Ethiopian coffee growers say they're not being paid enough for their "black gold" and they've made their case in a documentary film by that name. Stephen Beard has the story.
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Keeping your computer <i>too</i> safe?

Janet Babin | Jan 29, 2007
Earthlink introduces a new security system today that it claims will stop most malware before you even know it's a problem. But there's some concern it'll destroy good programs too, Janet Babin reports.
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Vista complaints renewed

Lisa Napoli | Jan 29, 2007
The consumer version of Microsoft's Vista will be released at midnight tonight. There'll be all sorts of public relations hoopla around the release, but not everyone is celebrating. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Local news bumped from classrooms

| Jan 29, 2007
Teachers are still exposing students to news and current events, but these days they're getting the information online. That could spell trouble for local newspapers &mdash; and democracies. Helen Palmer explains.

Drug maker accused of suppressing evidence

Stephen Beard | Jan 29, 2007
GlaxoSmithKline may have covered up negative findings during clinical trials that linked its antidepressant drug Seroxat with suicidal feelings in teens. Stephen Beard reports.
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The myth of HDTV

| Jan 26, 2007
Before you buy a high-definition television, you might want to check the dial. Turns out a lot of channels don't offer programming to match the technology. Kai speaks with Brian Cooley of CNET.

Exploring health care reform

| Jan 26, 2007
This week, President Bush offered tax deductions for individuals buying health care insurance. Who does this help? Lisa Napoli does the math.

Charge it to my health care card

| Jan 26, 2007
Financial service companies want to provide specific credit cards for patients to pay off their health care bills. That plan has sickened consumer advocates. Kai speaks with Harvard professor Regina Herzlinger.

Has the housing market hit bottom?

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 26, 2007
New-home sales were up in December, according to the Commerce Department. But 2006 was a year the home-building business would rather forget. Sales suffered the biggest drop since 1989. What's next?
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Afghanistan aid package raises Pakistan pressure

John Dimsdale | Jan 26, 2007
President Bush and Democrats are at odds over a $10 billion aid package for Afghanistan. Democrats want to put conditions on the money to pressure Pakistan into cracking down on the Taliban. John Dimsdale reports.
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