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Barbershop MD

| May 21, 2007
Health officials have discovered an invaluable new spokesperson to get their message out to hard-to-reach populations: the local barber. Beauty salons and barbershops around the country are changing lives. Mhari Saito has the story.
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Lenders propose their own subprime fix

| May 21, 2007
A group of lending industry leaders is hoping to forestall a Congressional fix with some solutions of its own. But growing impatience is likely to make it a tough sell on Capitol Hill. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Skybus ready to roll, er, fly

Janet Babin | May 21, 2007
A new ultra-lowcost air carrier takes off today. Skybus is modeling its service after Europe's Ryanair: Fares as low as $10, but everything else'll cost you. And we do mean everything. Janet Babin has details.
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Immigration reform's new hurdle

John Dimsdale | May 21, 2007
Last week's compromise on immigration reform remains tenuous as critics attack it as too easy on illegals from one side, unfair to them from the other. But the deal stands its first test on Capitol Hill today, John Dimsdale reports.
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Wi-Fi hotspots under fire

Stephen Beard and Lisa Napoli | May 21, 2007
An investigation by a British TV show has set off much debate and a formal inquiry as to whether the wireless Internet access points are emitting unsafe levels of radiation. Skeptics say it's all based on incomplete science, Stephen beard reports.
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Straight Story: Food, energy and inflation

| May 18, 2007
Are rising food and fuel prices triggering a broad jump in the cost of living? Chris Farrell says no.

No price too steep for a perfect day

| May 18, 2007
Americans will spare no expense to have a gorgeous, flawless wedding. That's probably why it's a $161 billion industry. Tess Vigeland discusses the cost of matrimony with author Rebecca Mead.

Looking at retirement a little differently

| May 18, 2007
Think you know how much to have on hand for retirement and when to start using that money? Tess Vigeland does some interesting new calculations with economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff.

Investment Clubs: Not so 'Baroque' anymore

| May 18, 2007
Tess Vigeland returned to Fairfax, Va. investment club "Formerly Baroque," where the stock-savvy ladies were about to hit the $100,000 mark.

Mailbag for Friday, May 18, 2007

| May 18, 2007
This week, economics editor offers his advice on cashing out a 401k, qualifying for savers tax credit and inheriting foreign property.