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AIDS trials hold hope for vaccine

Helen Palmer | Feb 20, 2007
Nine AIDS vaccines are in clinical trials around the world. The most advanced is taking place in the Dominican Republic where Merck researchers have enlisted prostitutes as their subjects.
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Job cuts waiting in the wings

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Feb 20, 2007
European plane maker Airbus was scheduled today to announce a major restructuring plan that involves slashing some 10,000 jobs, but the countries involved can't agree on which jobs to cut.
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How doctors would spend health care dollars

Janet Babin | Feb 20, 2007
Researchers asked hundreds of doctors and nurses to rate how they'd spend public money for health care. Turns out, not all that differently than regular folks — except when it comes to life-saving interventions.
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eBay resists taxing new responsibility

| Feb 20, 2007
Lots of folks are making money on eBay these days, and not all of them are paying taxes on that income. The government wants eBay to report high-volume sellers to the IRS, but the online auction site says that's not fair.
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Sirius, XM plan $13 billion merger

Bob Moon | Feb 19, 2007
Despite the FCC chairman saying a merger of Sirius and XM would be against the rules, the two satellite-radio services say they are going ahead with their plan.
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More turbulence for Airbus

Stephen Beard | Feb 19, 2007
The big European planemaker has postponed a major cost-cutting announcement because France, Germany, Britain and Spain can't agree on where the ax should fall. Stephen Beard reports.
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Wal-Mart says it will spread the wealth

Steve Tripoli | Feb 19, 2007
As part of its plan to open nine stores in struggling communities in five states, Wal-Mart says it will help nearby small businesses. Is the plan altruism or good business sense? Steve Tripoli reports.
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Honda's odometers go the extra mile

Eric Niiler | Feb 19, 2007
The company is telling 6 million owners of its cars that their odometers may have rolled up miles too fast. That may have voided warranties before their time. Eric Niiler reports.
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Time to party and maintain the struggle

John Dimsdale | Feb 19, 2007
The crowds are back for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The celebration brings a bit of hope to business owners who are still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina. But the city has a long way to go. John Dimsdale reports.

Don't get too pumped up over new fuels

Bob Moon | Feb 19, 2007
Forbes magazine writer Daniel Fisher has found all kinds of investment pitches on the Internet for alternative-fuel companies. He talks with Bob Moon about why you should eye them with skepticism.
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