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A measly $2.88 billion for BP

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Feb 6, 2007
Lower oil prices have been slowly siphoning profits from all the Big Oil companies, but BP announced today that its fourth-quarter profit fell to a two-year low because of all that extra safety spending.
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Kodak's last shot?

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 6, 2007
Kodak is entering the inkjet printer market with a line using ink that lasts for 100 years. That's more than seven times what's out there now, but it might be longer than the company survives if this strategy doesn't work.
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Ganging up on Google

Stephen Beard | Feb 6, 2007
Europe's telecom giants want to launch their own mobile search engine to compete with Google for the online advertising dollars (and euros) directed at their 600 million customers.
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Keeping caviar off the menu

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 6, 2007
A U.N. panel lifted a year-old trade ban on beluga caviar yesterday, but a group of American chefs is saying not so fast. They've asked the U.N. to put the ban back.

Holding contractors accountable

Eric Niiler | Feb 6, 2007
Are we the taxpayers getting our money's worth out of government contractors? Congress takes a closer look at the so-called fourth branch of government this week.
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EPA in the hot seat

Sam Eaton | Feb 6, 2007
The head of the Environmental Protection Agency is on the Hill today to answer for his agency's actions. And critics in the newly-empowered Democratic Congress won't make it easy for him.
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Women changing the rules of business

Scott Jagow | Feb 6, 2007
Author Margaret Heffernan has researched women-owned businesses and come to the conclusion that they're doing a lot of things right - and, in some ways, better than their male counterparts.
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Dems gear up to contest Bush's budget

John Dimsdale | Feb 5, 2007
In his 2008 budget, President Bush bases his proposals on steady economic growth and low inflation. But those assumptions are seen as questionable down at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. John Dimsdale reports.
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Could friendly skies become a tollway?

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Feb 5, 2007
CE0s who fly around in company jets might have to start paying special fees to use the FAA's air-traffic-control system. Commercial airlines say it's about time. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Chrysler may join GM, Ford in making cuts

Alisa Roth | Feb 5, 2007
Daimler-Chrysler's putting together a major restructuring plan, according to The Detroit News. Alisa Roth explains that we'll know a whole lot more next week.
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