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Headed for a fall or looking strong?

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 16, 2007
You might think good times are here again on Wall Street, given the last few sessions. But investors in the options market seem to be indicating that things have gone too far, too fast. Economist Mark Zandi explains.
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A blank canvas for city's future

| Jul 16, 2007
In Seattle, the real estate market is still strong. Which could explain why a 12-acre parcel near the city's Space Needle is getting so much attention. Cathy Duchamp reports.
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Her 'manny' is no summer fantasy

| Jul 16, 2007
Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh says she doesn't need to escape with a book about having a male domestic helper, as a friend recommended. She's got the real thing: Her husband.

Not the happiest place on Earth

| Jul 16, 2007
Disney is fighting to block a massive apartment complex near its Disneyland resort that would include units for low-income residents. And that upsets some of its lower-paid employees. Jordan Davis reports.
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Fighting fraud in lending

Steve Tripoli | Jul 16, 2007
The subprime mortgage crisis has focused government scrutiny on lenders who cross the legal line. Now federal and state officials have turned up the heat on all sorts of unsavory lending practices. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Digital conversations and temptations

Lisa Napoli | Jul 16, 2007
Fortune's Allan Sloan shares some advice for all the financial big hitters considering joining the world of Internet forums and chat: 1. Don't hide under a pseudonym. 2. Remember that the world is bigger than your keyboard and monitor.
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High times in the U.S. labor pool

Janet Babin | Jul 16, 2007
A survey finds at least one in 12 workers used illicit drugs every month. But one expert says marijuana isn't the biggest danger to health and safety. It's abuse of prescription drugs. Janet Babin reports.
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Internet radio lives to play another day

Lisa Napoli | Jul 16, 2007
The recording industry has made some major concessions that will allow webcasters to stay in business while the two sides try to hammer out an agreement on royalty rates. Pandora's Tim Westergren says it's a win for musicians and listeners.
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Volvo for sale?

Stephen Beard | Jul 16, 2007
Ford says it ain't so, but there's word this morning that the company's putting Volvo on the auction block along with Jaguar and Land Rover. All those luxury foreign brands have cost car maker $5 billion over the last few years. Stephen Beard reports.
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Massachusetts health plan check up

Helen Palmer | Jul 16, 2007
Universal health coverage will be one of the top issues in the '08 election, so the Massachusetts experiment to require it is getting lots of scrutiny. Two weeks in and people have been signing up by the thousands. But who are they? Helen Palmer has more.
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