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Bush's rescue plan for ARM refugees

John Dimsdale | Aug 31, 2007
President Bush rolls out a rescue plan for homeowners facing foreclosure when their adjustable-rate mortgages adjust too far. Is it too little, too late? John Dimsdale reports on potential bailouts for lenders and borrowers.
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Do flippers deserve a helping hand?

Sam Eaton | Aug 31, 2007
We all might want to extend a helping hand to homeowners on the verge of defaulting. But a study suggests some of these borrowers -- house flippers and speculators -- might not be so deserving of help. Sam Eaton reports.

Lynch, Lehman trade ratings jabs

Amy Scott | Aug 31, 2007
Wall Street can be an incestuous place... When Merrill Lynch downgraded its rating on Lehman Bros. because of Lehman's exposure to the credit turmoil, the investment bank downgraded Merrill Lynch. Amy Scott reports.

Playing politics with public health

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 31, 2007
A federal ad campaign a few years ago implied kids would get sick if moms didn't breast feed. The formula industry shot back with its own campaign -- just one of many political battles over public health. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Careful helping off-shored unemployed

| Aug 31, 2007
When Congress returns after the Labor Day holiday, it will debate re-authorizing a program to help U.S. workers who lose their jobs due to imports or off-shoring. But a new proposal could damage the middle class, says commentator Beth Shulman.
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Don't pass Go, don't collect 200 yuan

Tess Vigeland | Aug 31, 2007
Foreign investors have been bullish on the billion-strong Chinese market, but passage of a new anti-monopoly law may cool things down a bit. China bureau chief Scott Tong talks with Tess Vigeland about the scope of the law.
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Few takers for Vietnam's visa offer

| Aug 31, 2007
Vietnam is offering five-year visas to countrymen who live abroad. But many potential applicants fled the country after the war, and anti-communist sentiment is still very high. Jordan Davis reports.
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Week on Wall Street

| Aug 31, 2007
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson talks with host Tess Vigeland about how the markets are adjusting to the credit crunch and what may lie ahead.
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Leaving on a jet plane... eventually

Steve Tripoli | Aug 31, 2007
One of the worst summers on record for airline flight delays will be capped by a tough Labor Day weekend. That's the word straight from the FAA. That and a warning that fixes don't appear to be coming anytime soon.
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A working tribute to Diana

Stephen Beard | Aug 31, 2007
Politicians, pop stars and royalty from around world will descend on London today for a memorial service marking the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. But one shopkeeper pays a small tribute to the People's Princess every day. Stephen Beard has his story.
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