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Buzzword: 'Operation Bot Roast'

| Jun 15, 2007
How do you like your spam? The FBI prefers it extra fried.

Chuck wants to bond with investors

Janet Babin and Tess Vigeland | Jun 15, 2007
Charles Schwab is revamping its bond fees and even lowering the price for most investors. Will this make the bond-trading market more transparent? Tess Vigeland talks about the benefits of the move with Marketplace's Janet Babin.
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Who says bubbles are bad?

Scott Jagow | Jun 15, 2007
When economic bubbles burst, a ripple of devastating effects inevitably follows. Investors can lose everything, tens of thousands of workers may lose their jobs. But there's usually an upside says author Daniel Gross, even in the deflating housing market.
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Next up for HBO: Nothing big

| Jun 15, 2007
With the series finale of "The Sopranos" last week, HBO finds itself for the first time with no smash hit and nothing in the pipeline. But it'll be interesting to watch how they handle that huge transition, says Daily Variety's Mike Speier.
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Not so fast, private equity

Steve Henn | Jun 15, 2007
It hasn't gone unnoticed by Congress that private equity firms are starting to go public. Or that they pay less than half the tax rate public companies do. So yesterday it introduced a bill to even the playing field. Steve Henn reports.
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New Marriott brand will be boutique

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jun 15, 2007
Marriott is teaming with famed boutique designer Ian Schrager to develop a new, edgier brand to compete for a new, younger class of business travelers. Ashley Milne-Tyte has details.
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Switzerland raises interest rates

Stephen Beard | Jun 15, 2007
The Swiss Central Bank has raised interest rates by 0.25 percent and some analysts are warning investors to be prepared for dramatic moves in global currency markets in the months ahead. Stephen Beard explains.
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Poll: 35% of Mexicans would move to U.S.

Dan Grech | Jun 15, 2007
Not exactly shocking information given the wage disparities between the U.S. and our neighbor to the south. But, say researchers, that doesn't mean if borders were opened that a third of Mexicans would really leave. Dan Grech reports.
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Private equity discovers Africa

| Jun 15, 2007
No surprise that fewer than 1 percent of the world's private equity deals happen in Africa, the world's poorest continent. But with the potential for higher returns, more investors may be lured to take the risk. Terry FitzPatrick has the story.
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What's the cure for home-lending market?

Bob Moon | Jun 14, 2007
There's no shortage of ideas on how to deal with ailing borrowers and lenders. Fed officials heard some of them at a hearing in Washington. But the central bank's being urged not to overreact. Bob Moon reports.
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