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Seeking mental health care equality

Helen Palmer | Jul 18, 2007
Democrats have made insurance coverage for psychiatric disease a high priority this summer. Separate bills are making their way through both houses of Congress, but business interests are supporting the Senate's version. Helen Palmer tells us why.
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Second opinion: Bad news for Glaxo

Stephen Beard | Jul 18, 2007
Following troubling reports from a U.S. researcher about diabetes medication Avandia, German researchers have found that GSK's second-biggest seller doesn't appear to work, but does have plenty of negative side effects. Stephen Beard has details.
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When pollution's not the priority

| Jul 18, 2007
There are trends toward improving air pollution in parts of China, says Financial Times reporter Muir Dickey, but the government of the rapidly industrializing nation has given economic growth top billing for the past 20 years... and it shows.
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How long can the happy music play?

Bob Moon | Jul 17, 2007
While optimism reigns on Wall Street, there are some more questions today about how long the rally might last. Bob Moon reports.
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Google searches for new business

Janet Babin | Jul 17, 2007
Most websites don't have a search function, or if they do, it performs poorly. So, today the company synonymous with search stepped in to offer its services. Janet Babin reports.

Murdoch poised to acquire Dow Jones

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 17, 2007
The Dow Jones board was set to vote today on a deal that would sell the Wall Street Journal's parent company to Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp for $5 billion. Forbes magazine's Dennis Kneale talked with Kai Ryssdal about it.
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FTC takes hard look at selling to kids

| Jul 17, 2007
The FTC meets tomorrow to talk about how advertising and marketing are directed at children. The food industry is trying to get out in front of possible regulations by announcing rules of its own. Monica Brady-Myerov reports.
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Feeding on sugar-frosted capitalism

| Jul 17, 2007
Commentator Joel Stein says he learned everything he needed to know about the capitalist system from advertising and marketing of cereal makers.
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FDA pays to compete with private sector

Jeremy Hobson | Jul 17, 2007
The FDA pays some of the biggest employee bonuses in the federal bureaucracy. Yet, it's struggling to fund improved food safety. Those facts led to some grilling at a congressional hearing today. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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China's still learning customer service

Scott Tong | Jul 17, 2007
When Marketplace's Shanghai correspondent Scott Tong arrived in China last January, it didn't take him long to learn that business is done differently and buyer beware.