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Keeping Mexicans home

Kai Ryssdal | May 1, 2007
While immigration is a problem for the U.S., Mexico has an emigration problem. Latin America expert Pamela Starr talks with Kai Ryssdal about the Mexican President Calderon's efforts to deal with it.
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Bernanke's got it right

| May 1, 2007
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says tariffs and quotas to protect American industry are a bad idea that will only hurt the U.S. economy. Commentator Stephen Moore says Bernanke is right on the mark.

Being 'rich' in a poor land

| May 1, 2007
Reporter Matthew Algeo moved to the West African nation of Mali, where most citizens live on less than a dollar a day. He learned that wealth can be a relative thing.

Tweet, tweeted, twitterpated

| May 1, 2007
It's the latest online social phenomenon. Thousands of people are answering the simple question — What are you doing? — all day long. Chana Joffe-Walt recruited a few friends to try it out.
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Venezuela's oil blacklist

Dan Grech | May 1, 2007
No question, Hugo Chavez's social revolution is in motion. Venezuela's state oil today takes over operations currently run by foreign companies — a move that's infuriated Big Oil and could cost a lot of little guys their jobs. Dan Grech explains.
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Google fires back at Viacom

Ashley Milne-Tyte | May 1, 2007
The search engine giant, which owns YouTube, says the billion-dollar lawsuit by the media conglomerate over copyright issues for its programming could threaten innovation. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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How much wood would China . . .

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | May 1, 2007
China's voracious appetite for commodities is gobbling up timber supplies in the U.K. and prices are rising fast. That's got some normally well-mannered blokes breaking into fist fights over garden fencing, Stephen Beard reports.
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Back to taxing the rich

Bob Moon | May 1, 2007
Democrats say they're close to an agreement to roll the AMT off the middle class and back to its original intent: to tax the very wealthy. Republicans have promised to fight such a move, but that could push swing voters away these days, Bob Moon reports.
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Taking immigration back to the streets

Alisa Roth | May 1, 2007
Protestors will rally in cities across the country today. But whether they match last year's massive marches or not, with so many lawmakers already in '08 campaign mode, it may be too late for meaningful reform, Alisa Roth reports.
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FDA inspection on the Hill

| May 1, 2007
The FDA is trying to protect the food supply of a nation that imports more than ever with a budget that hasn't kept pace with inflation. Today lawmakers take a critical look at the situation, Jeremy Hobson reports.
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