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Absolutely, positively a global economy

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 24, 2007
Globalization has played a large part in the strong growth of United Parcel Service. Kai Ryssdal talks with CEO Michael Eskew about how the business has changed, and how in many ways it will always stay the same.
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Dodging the summer internship blues

| Jul 24, 2007
Businesses are increasingly leveraging summer interns to boost business. Some even do the job for free to gain experience. But employers have to be careful with federal employment guidelines. Brett Brune reports.
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Crisis over Roche AIDS drug recall

Helen Palmer | Jul 24, 2007
Cancer-causing byproducts forced the drug maker to stop production, leaving many in the developing world without inexpensive options for treating HIV. Activists want Big Pharma to step in. Helen Palmer reports.
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Will Frankenpotato get nod in Europe?

Stephen Beard | Jul 24, 2007
The genetically modified tuber tastes terrible, but a special starch inside could mean big bucks to BASF. Europeans, however, are notoriously wary of modified crops. Lisa Napoli talks with Stephen Beard.
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Ethanol, bad weather boost wheat

Jeremy Hobson | Jul 24, 2007
With many farmers rushing to grow corn to fill a growing market for ethanol for cars, wheat supplies are the lowest in a generation. And U.S. farmers are sitting in the catbird seat. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Unions bend to private equity realities

Steve Henn | Jul 24, 2007
Firms specializing in buyouts indirectly employ more than five million Americans. And unions are increasingly looking to shore up gains by making concessions to the new economic powers. Steve Henn reports.
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Mexico to experiment with GM corn

Dan Grech | Jul 24, 2007
Corn was likely first cultivated in Mexico and it still has a central part of the culture. But genetically modified strains simply produce more corn per acre, and there's a hungry nation to feed. Dan Grech reports.
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Avandia woes hurt Glaxo's bottom line

Stephen Beard | Jul 24, 2007
The diabetes drug could be linked to a greater chance of heart attack or stroke. And analysts worry GlaxoSmithKline might not have a blockbuster drug in the pipeline to boost sales. Stephen Beard reports.
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A la carte satellite to sweeten the deal

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jul 24, 2007
The heads of Sirius and XM radio are hoping a new, less expensive consumer package will help convince the feds to approve their proposed merger. Opponents fear a monopoly. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Expedia hits tough market for buy-back

Amy Scott | Jul 23, 2007
Online travel agent Expedia announced today that it will buy back significantly fewer shares than the million it wanted last month. The culprit is a tightening credit market. Amy Scott reports.
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