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Dow flirts with record high

Amy Scott | Sep 27, 2006
Investors were firmly focused today on the chance the Dow Industrials would hit a record close. Host Kai Ryssdal talked with Marketplace's Amy Scott about why it matters. . . . If it does.
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Branson's burning with ideas

Sarah Gardner | Sep 27, 2006
The Virgin head says airlines could cut pollution and help in the effort against global warming if they would adopt his proposals. Sarah Gardner reports.

Latino joblessness down . . . for now

Dan Grech | Sep 27, 2006
A new study by the Pew Hispanic Center shows joblessness among Latinos at a record low in the second quarter. But some fear the housing slowdown could make that figure short-lived. Dan Grech reports.
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Rein in regulation

| Sep 27, 2006
More companies are listing on exchanges overseas instead of in America these days. Commentator Glenn Hubbard argues that we need to change laws that limit businesses' competitiveness.

Straight talk equals good business

Scott Tong | Sep 27, 2006
A new study suggests that companies that speak plainer English in their earnings reports may actually perform better. Scott Tong reports.
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NYC looking to trim the fat in restaurants

Lisa Napoli | Sep 27, 2006
The New York City Board of Health has unanimously agreed to push forward with a plan to severely limit the amount of artificial transfats used by restaurants. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Letting users sell the sizzle

Janet Babin | Sep 27, 2006
Frito-Lay and Chevrolet are planning to involve amateurs in the making of their TV commercials as part of the next Super Bowl broadcast. Janet Babin reports.

Investors return to Lebanon

| Sep 27, 2006
Investing in a recently pacified warzone may not be most people's idea of smart business, but some with financial ties to Lebanon still see opportunity. Ben Gilbert reports.
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Thanks for the charity, but . . .

| Sep 27, 2006
Commentator Robert Reich argues that the goodwill of billionaire tycoons shouldn't take the place of sound public policy.

Surprises in the self-checkout lane

Ethan Lindsey | Sep 27, 2006
Self-checkout lanes are growing in popularity among retailers, but there have been a lot of unforeseen side effects. Ethan Lindsey reports.