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Needling the knitters

| Mar 15, 2007
For the last few years, an increasing number of Americans have been taking up knitting. We sent Cash Peters to try his hand at an old-fashioned fashion craze made new again.

The tip-off to a productivity drop

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 15, 2007
March Madness kicked off today, and distractions abound in the workplace. There's the office pool, the live games streaming on the computer . . . It does some damage to the bottom line.
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Digging for subprime gold

Scott Jagow | Mar 15, 2007
As the subprime mortgage sector approaches a full-scale meltdown, investment bank Goldman Sachs is talking about getting deeper into subprime lending. Is it a fire sale or a fool's market?
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Barclays wants its money back

Stephen Beard | Mar 15, 2007
The subprime mortgage crisis has rippled across the pond and now British banking giant Barclays is demanding the immediate repayment of $900 million from U.S. subprime lender New Century.
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March Madness profits on demand

| Mar 15, 2007
The NCAA Tournament jumps into full swing today and big-time revenues are a slam dunk for partners like CBS — not to mention peripheral players like beer sellers.
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Bank of Wal-Mart?

Hilary Wicai | Mar 15, 2007
Wal-Mart has a pending application to establish an industrial loan company, but the retail giant insists it's not interested in opening retail bank branches. Now there may be evidence that suggests otherwise. . .
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Putting drug profits to bed?

Helen Palmer | Mar 15, 2007
The FDA has ordered drugmakers to issue strong new warnings about sleeping pills, citing risks of odd behaviors like sleep-eating and sleep-driving. That could cause complications for Big Pharma's bottom line.
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Microsoft bridges the voice gap

| Mar 15, 2007
Microsoft has agreed to purchase voice recognition leader Tellme for something in the $800 million neighborhood. A pricey purchase, but one that gives it an instant edge in voice command search technology.
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Green wheels turn record sales

Sarah Gardner | Mar 15, 2007
Alternative fuel cars and trucks accounted for 9 percent of U.S. auto sales last year. That's way more than automakers expected — and you might be surprised which state led the pack.

EU satellite plan loses its way

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Mar 15, 2007
Europe had wanted to launch its own satellite navigation system — one that would rival America's GPS — by 2010, but that timeline is drifting further out of orbit by the day.
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