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Holy Grail of coffee cups?

Sarah Gardner | Nov 23, 2006
Every week 30 million-plus people grab coffee at Starbucks. That's a lot of cups. This spring, the company introduced a cup made with 10% post-consumer recycled fiber, the first of its kind. Sarah Gardner reports.

It's gourmet baby

Lisa Napoli | Nov 23, 2006
These days parents are shelling out more than $3 a jar for pesto pasta, quinoa and other gourmet fare for baby. Lisa Napoli takes a look at the growing business.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Popular wedding day

Alisa Roth | Nov 23, 2006
Businesses in New York's Chinatown will be humming today, but not because of Thanksgiving. Alisa Roth explains.
Posted In: Immigration

Betting on death

Stephen Beard | Nov 23, 2006
London could become the main trading center on a major new market. The so-called "death derivative" will allow investors to bet on changes in the average human life span. Will New York markets miss out? Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Canada

Kerkorian backs away from GM

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Nov 23, 2006
Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian seems to be losing interest in GM and gaining interest in MGM Mirage casinos. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Black Friday begins today

Stacey Vanek Smith | Nov 23, 2006
Two national retailers will be open today, but the real fight for Turkey Day shoppers is online — where more retailers are chasing a plateauing number of customers. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
Posted In: Science

A Thanksgiving turkey for $80?

| Nov 23, 2006
Welcome to the world of the Heritage turkey. Tom Banse tells us what's so special about these birds.

NFL networks squabble

Bob Moon | Nov 23, 2006
Hardball negotiating tactics by the NFL's fledging network have angered cable operators and left some fans out in the cold. Bob Moon reports.
Posted In: Sports

Higher price tag on Thanksgiving dinner

Scott Jagow | Nov 23, 2006
Economist Terry Francl with the American Farm Bureau Federation breaks down the cost of this year's holiday feast.

A Thanksgiving Day compromise

Stacey Vanek Smith | Nov 23, 2006
Stacey Vanek-Smith takes us back to the Great Depression to find out how business changed which day we celebrate Thanksgiving.