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Artful profiteering

Janet Babin | May 7, 2007
A global storm of interest surrounds the spring art auctions kicking off this week in New York. With several works expected to hit record new price points, Janet Babin looks at what's behind the rising cost of fine art.

Journalists to sue HP over spy scandal

Steve Henn | May 7, 2007
Three CNET reporters are breaking an age-old taboo and turning the tables on Corporate America. The journalists plan to sue Hewlett-Packard alleging invasion of privacy after their phone records were scrutinized by HP investigators. Steve Henn reports.
Posted In: Crime

A British defense invasion

Stephen Beard | May 7, 2007
When it comes to winning big military contracts, the U.S. is pretty much the jackpot. So Britain's BAE Systems is building up its presence here, buying American defense contractor Armor Holdings. Stephen Beard reports.
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Opportunity Cost--and Pretty Little Mistakes

Chris Farrell | May 6, 2007
In The Economic Naturalist, a new book by Cornell University economist Robert Frank, he describes the concept of "opportunity cost" as one of the...

Straight Story: Worrying about inflation

| May 4, 2007
The numbers say that the economy is barely growing. Chris says the Fed is vigilant against inflation.

Investment Clubs: The vital how-to's (Part 2)

| May 4, 2007
Tess continues to chat it up with investment club members in San Jose about how the club's doing, personal bests and the Chinese market.

Investment Clubs: The vital how-to's

| May 4, 2007
How do you start or join an investment club? Tess Vigeland went back to San Jose to get some good advice from club members.
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Your house in your hands

| May 4, 2007
Who actually owns your home? Tess Vigeland talks with Money Magazine's Stephen Gandel, who shares real estate horror stories.

Day in the Work Life: Put on that tutu

| May 4, 2007
Ballet requires 100% dedication and sometimes very long hours. We take an inside look with a dancer from the New York City Ballet.

Mailbag for Friday, May 4, 2007

| May 4, 2007
This week, economics editor Chris Farrell offers his advice on grading a financial planner, retiring overseas and using retirement money for a house payment.


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