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In Colombia, it pays to be protected

Dan Grech | Mar 19, 2007
Chiquita pleaded guilty to paying paramilitary groups to protect its business in Colombia. But the banana producer isn't alone in paying for protection. Dan Grech reports.
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Tapping into the poor market

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Mar 19, 2007
A report out today from the World Bank says businesses should be marketing to the poor. Ashley Milne-Tyte has more on why some say this could be beneficial.
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On guard against big pharma's lobbying efforts

| Mar 19, 2007
Merck's state-lobbying campaign to make their cervical cancer vaccination mandatory in schools has faced strong resistance. Backlash comes despite the fact that Gardasil has been proven very effective against the disease. Pat Loeb reports.
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Making the gyms go belly-up

| Mar 19, 2007
Leave the sweatpants at home and grab a hip sash. Sandra Tsing Loh is taking us to the YMCA to shake off those pounds with some cheap belly-dancing.

Outsource capital running out of sources

Miranda Kennedy | Mar 19, 2007
India is an unparalleled provider of outsourced workers, but companies are beginning to discover a shallower talent pool. Miranda Kennedy has the story from New Delhi.
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Predatory lending

Chris Farrell | Mar 19, 2007
On March 17 I flew from New York to the Twin Cities. On the plane I read the New York Times and I noticed an intriguing juxtaposition of headlines....

The Sloan Sessions: Emotional investors

| Mar 19, 2007
In just a month, record highs and boom times on Wall Street have given way to big losses. Allan Sloan believes investors have simply let emotion get the best of them.
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Your own personal satellite?

| Mar 19, 2007
Later today a company called SpaceX is launching a test rocket that might make access to space a whole lot more affordable. Geoff Brumfiel reports.

Barclays looks for a Dutch treat

Stephen Beard | Mar 19, 2007
The British financial giant is trying to take over the Netherlands' ABN Amro, which would create Europe's second-largest bank. Host Lisa Napoli discusses the deal with our London correspondent, Stephen Beard.

China wants to build passenger planes

Scott Tong | Mar 19, 2007
The Chinese government says it plans to compete with Boeing and Airbus in making passenger jets. Our Shanghai correspondent, Scott Tong, gets into the details with host Scott Jagow.
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