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Trade deficit slows for first time in a long time

Jill Barshay | Jun 8, 2007
The U.S. trade deficit has been at historic levels for years. It goes up every month. But today there was a big reversal. Jill Barshay reports.
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China's not the only one with a melamine problem

Steve Henn | Jun 8, 2007
The FDA has announced that melamine, the industrial chemical that poisoned pet food, has found its way into shrimp feed made right here in the U.S. Steve Henn reports.
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A bill in search of a conscience

| Jun 8, 2007
The House has passed a bill that would outlaw "unconscionably excessive" prices for gasoline. So, commentator Jeff Steinbrink asks, whose conscience is going to decide what's excessive?

The nanny: Babysitter, housekeeper . . . day-trader?

Scott Tong | Jun 8, 2007
More than 100 million Chinese invest in the stock market, four times the number there were last year. And, as Scott Tong found out, some of them are closer to home than he expected.
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Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 8, 2007
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson discusses with host Kai Ryssdal what happened on Wall Street this week and what may lie ahead.
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Heeeeeeere's a commercial!

Amy Scott | Jun 8, 2007
Tonight Show viewers next week will see something not seen on TV in years: a live commercial. It's an attempt to keep viewers and advertisers from switching off. Amy Scott reports the answer may lie in the past.
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Don't bet on Internet gambling ban's reversal

John Dimsdale | Jun 8, 2007
Some lawmakers are trying to undo the Internet gambling ban President Bush signed into law last year. One of them got a hearing on his proposal today on Capitol Hill. But as John Dimsdale reports, the bill faces long odds.
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A different sort of venture

Janet Babin | Jun 8, 2007
Venture capitalists have been shying away from early-stage drug funding. So some nonprofit foundations are filling the gap in a practice known as venture philanthropy. Janet Babin reports.
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Buzzword: Bull-bear ratio

| Jun 8, 2007
Need to know how your stocks are doing? There's no better way to describe a market than by using examples from the animal kingdom.
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Frederick Mishkin, author and Fed governor

Chris Farrell | Jun 8, 2007
Financiers may pocket gargantuan paychecks, but they get no respect. There is a widespread sense that financiers don't create anything of value, at...