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Rainy day for missile defense

Bob Moon | Mar 27, 2007
A House subcommittee meets today to consider the Pentagon's $10 billon request for the next phase of our missile defense system. That includes a sizeable chunk to repair seven missile silos ruined by rain last year.
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Britain's housing still booming

Stephen Beard | Mar 27, 2007
As some economists worry that U.S. housing troubles could trigger a full-scale global financial crisis, Britain's home builders are still enjoying a robust market. And now two of the biggest are joining forces.
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A new deal for free trade

Dan Grech | Mar 27, 2007
Democrats are unveiling an initiative today that would force the U.S. to include worker protections in future trade deals — a move that could sink some of the White House's free trade aspirations in Latin America.
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Good outlook for Vista sales

Jason Paur | Mar 27, 2007
Turns out early forecasts calling for lackluster sales of Vista may have been off. Microsoft has released the first sales figures for its new operating system and they're not too shabby.
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Biogenerics on the slow road to market

Steve Henn | Mar 27, 2007
Biologics are among the most expensive drugs in the world — in part because the government has never cleared a path to allow generic drugmakers to compete. That could soon change, but there are safety roadblocks ahead.
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New target on cancer

| Mar 27, 2007
Theranostics will use micro-ray technology to pinpoint proteins in individual cancer patients to help doctors decide what drugs will be most effective — an innovation borne of a joint effort from the non- and for-profit worlds.
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New home sales face bad weather

Janet Babin | Mar 26, 2007
New home sales fell in the first quarter, according to the Commerce Department. But as Janet Babin reports, in order to understand the housing market, there's a bigger picture to consider.
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Citigroup to cut costs by cutting jobs

Alisa Roth | Mar 26, 2007
To increase profits, Citigroup is reportedly planning to cut 15,000 jobs. Analysts say this is a much-needed step by the company to become more efficient. Alisa Roth reports.
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Heart study jolts drugs-versus-stents debate

Helen Palmer | Mar 26, 2007
A new report claims that stents don't work as well as drugs in preventing heart disease. The news was enough to move the markets. Helen Palmer has the story.
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Automakers push flex fuel over CAFE

Sam Eaton | Mar 26, 2007
President Bush met with the Big Three to talk about flex-fuel cars. But some say fuel economy standards need to be regulated for flex-fuel efforts to be effective. Sam Eaton reports.
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