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Donations to candidates come in smaller amounts

John Dimsdale | Apr 25, 2007
The 18 presidential candidates have raised a total of $130 million in the first quarter of this year — four times more than at the same point in the last campaign. And, John Dimsdale reports, more of it's in small amounts.

Getting canned is easy — in the private sector

| Apr 25, 2007
Yet again several public officials in Washington are embroiled in scandal. Yet again they've managed to hang onto their jobs. But dealing with controversy is a lot less complicated in corporate America, points out Robert Reich.
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To do business in Sudan?

Gretchen Wilson | Apr 25, 2007
Most Western companies have pulled out of Sudan to honor a U.S. trade embargo aimed at resolving the situation in Darfur, but not all. And profits are growing for those who've risked public backlash and remained, reports Gretchen Wilson.
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Roadmap out of poverty

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Apr 25, 2007
Today a liberal research group has released a strategy to cut poverty in half within a decade. It involves, among other things, finally raising the minimum wage. Nancy Marshall Genzer has details.
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Amazon music store around the corner

Lisa Napoli | Apr 25, 2007
The world's largest Internet retailer, is preparing to take on iTunes with the launch of its own music download store. But it's not likely to take a big bite of Apple's share anytime soon, reports Lisa Napoli.
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India's investment allure grows stronger

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Apr 25, 2007
Gone are the days of endless red tape. India's government has been streamlining bureaucracy and creating tax-free zones to entice investors. It's working — and how, Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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ABM Amro sale on hold

Stephen Beard | Apr 25, 2007
The Dutch bank had agreed to a $91 billion buyout by Britain's Barclays, but now ABM shareholders are saying, whoa not so fast. There could be more money to be made from a rival bidder. Significantly more, Stephen Beard reports.
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Cash incentives for NYC's poor

Alisa Roth | Apr 25, 2007
New York mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to replicate a program being used in Mexico that offers cash incentives to poor families who meet certain goals, like keeping their kids in school. Alisa Roth reports.
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Africa struggles with unemployment

Alisa Roth | Apr 25, 2007
A new report from the International Labour Organization has found that more than 10 percent of Africans are unemployed, as much as double that for those under 25. And that's creating social problems as well as economic ones, Alisa Roth reports.
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Toyota's number 1

Jeff Tyler | Apr 24, 2007
Toyota bumped GM off its perch last quarter as the world's biggest car maker. And all signs are that Toyota's going to be number one for a while. Jeff Tyler reports.
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