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Textbook rebels

| Sep 15, 2006
There's a revolution brewing on college campuses and it might just lower the cost of an all-nighter. Sean Cole reports.

Jobs for seniors

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 15, 2006
Older Americans want to work. So Tim Driver set up a site to match employers with eager seniors. Goodbye retirement. Hello, timesheet.

Protecting your investments

| Sep 15, 2006
The sky isn't falling, but certain segments of the economy might make Chicken Little head for cover. How can you protect your portfolio from a softening housing market and fluctuating oil prices? Kai talks with Jane Kim of the Wall Street Journal.
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Miami condo cool

| Sep 15, 2006
Miami's hot condo market isn't so hot anymore. In fact, it is downright chilly -- and that cold front is moving across the country. What's an owner to do? Dan Grech reports.
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Job shortage in Egypt

Nancy Farghalli | Sep 15, 2006
Most people think a college education is the ticket for a good, well-paying job. But college grads in Egypt are finding that's not always true. Nancy Farghalli reports.
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Living next door to a work of art

Stacey Vanek Smith | Sep 15, 2006
You might think having a Frank Lloyd Wright in your neighborhood would be a good thing. But one Los Angeles community is finding there's a downside to historic architecture. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Ford puts job cuts into overdrive

Janet Babin | Sep 15, 2006
Ford Motor Company's Way Forward restructuring plan is hitting the gas pedal with jobs cuts, buyouts and plant closures that will happen faster and slice deeper than anticipated. Janet Babin reports.

Zune to challenge iPod

Janet Babin | Sep 15, 2006
Microsoft's long-awaited competitor to Apple's iPod is expected on store shelves in time for the holiday shopping season. Janet Babin looks at whether it has a fighting chance.
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WHO recommends DDT

| Sep 15, 2006
The World Health Organization today is expected to tap banned pesticide DDT as an important tool in the fight against malaria. But as Nancy Marshall Genzer reports, some African farmers are worried.
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New meaning to marry for money in India

Miranda Kennedy | Sep 15, 2006
India's government has proposed to give $1,100 to people who marry members of lower castes. The plan aims to weaken the country's caste system, but critics say the payouts won't work. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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