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Laws send 'greasers' into a spin

| Jun 20, 2007
A small but growing number of drivers are starting to convert their diesel cars to run on vegetable oil. Yet, many states are cracking down on these gasoline refuseniks with special taxes and penalties. Jessica Jones reports.

Carbon auction's your winner

| Jun 20, 2007
Robert Reich has a suggestion for the 2008 presidential candidates: Forget the carbon tax. Forget the cap-and-trade system. If you want to clean up the atmosphere and win votes, the carbon auction is the idea to get behind.

A kinder, gentler corporate raider?

Bob Moon | Jun 20, 2007
Even as big private equity firms suffer serious public image problems, some investment groups that buy up small to mid-sized businesses say they consider those companies to be partners, not resources to pillage. Bob Moon reports.
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Private equity in public doghouse

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jun 20, 2007
Profits are soaring at private equity firms around the globe, but as more and more jobs are cut and news of their substantial tax advantage makes headlines, private equity's popularity keeps sinking further into the mud. Stephen Beard has details.
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MySpace for 25% of Yahoo's place

Bob Moon | Jun 20, 2007
Rupert Murdoch is reportedly offering to make an old-fashioned swap. He'll give away MySpace for a 25 percent stake in Yahoo. It's about making moolah, says Dan Sabbagh who broke the story for the also News Corp-owned Times of London.
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Bear Stearns takes a big subprime hit

Amy Scott | Jun 20, 2007
The crisis in the subprime mortgage market continues to take its toll on Wall Street. Merrill Lynch will sell off the assets of two hedge funds that relied on subprime loans that are now going south. Amy Scott reports.

Not everyone's breathing easier

Rachel Dornhelm | Jun 20, 2007
The EPA today is expected to release more stringent ozone standards in an effort to improve public health problems such as asthma, but some businesses are crying foul since we haven't even met the existing standard. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Parents support TV censorship

Jill Barshay | Jun 20, 2007
A study released yesterday says most parents would support a federal crackdown on TV sex and violence. Pressure's building for Congress to act, but TV companies say censorship should be left to individuals and the marketplace. Jill Barshay reports.
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The immigration reform scam

Dan Grech | Jun 20, 2007
A lot of misinformation about immigration reform has trickled down to the folks living and working here illegally, and con artists have wasted no time taking advantage of the situation. Dan Grech explains.
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Expedia thinks it's buying low

Jeff Tyler | Jun 19, 2007
Expedia announced it will spend about $3.5 billion to buy back almost half of its outstanding shares. Jeff Tyler reports on what the move says about the state of the company and the Internet travel industry overall.
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