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Minimum wage hike, minimum effect

| Jan 9, 2007
The House is expected to pass an increase in the federal minimum wage tomorrow. But economist and commentator Susan Lee says an increase isn't the best way to help those who might need it most.
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Haiti sinks hopes in treasure hunters

| Jan 9, 2007
Treasure hunters regularly dive among the sunken ships that dot Haiti's waters. It's one thing to bring a haul up from the depths, and quite another to weather corruption and political instability. Reed Lindsay reports.

Feeding on myths, stories and image

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 9, 2007
Author Barry Glassner says for many Americans it's not "You are what you eat," it's "You eat what you think you are." He talks with Kai Ryssdal about his new book, "The Gospel of Food."
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U.K. at risk of great depression

Rico Gagliano | Jan 9, 2007
The singer Morrissey — not exactly Mr. Happy — is in talks with the BBC to write Britain's entry in a European song contest. The Marketplace Players have an exclusive version of what we might expect.
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It's all about <i>how</i> you raise minimum wage

| Jan 9, 2007
The federal minimum wage hasn't been touched in a decade, but it looks like it'll finally be bumped up to $7.25 an hour. Commentator and economist Len Burman says we oughta be doing this more often.

iTV set to battle DVD

Janet Babin | Jan 9, 2007
Macworld gets underway today and industry watchers expect to see more about iTV, a device that lets you watch downloaded movies on your TV &mdash; and that's put DVD retailers on the offensive. Janet Babin reports.
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Gap goes shopping for a buyer

Dan Grech | Jan 9, 2007
Private equity could soon get the chance to try on Gap apparel. The retail heavyweight has reportedly hired Goldman Sachs to explore its sale. Dan Grech has the story.
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Hollywood learns its consumer electronics lesson?

Bob Moon | Jan 9, 2007
Once upon a time, the big movie studios battled to outlaw the VCR. But today the entertainment industry has a new way of looking at things, Bob Moon reports.
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Two Buds are better than one

Scott Jagow | Jan 9, 2007
For the past century, Budweiser has been in a bitter court battle with a Czech company that makes a lager called Budweiser in Europe. Finally, a compromise.
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Knocking back a beverage bias

| Jan 9, 2007
It seems you can't sit down to breakfast without hearing about another nutrition study. A lot of the research is funded by the food and beverage industry &mdash; and that's a cause of indigestion for some. Allan Coukell explains.
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