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Taking a (tax) break in Puerto Rico

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 29, 2006
A great example of how companies are getting even more creative looking for tax breaks? The pharmaceutical industry's presence in Puerto Rico. Kai Ryssdal talks about it with Jill Barshay of Congressional Quarterly.

Brazil's economy still in the black market

| Sep 29, 2006
Brazil's voters are expected to reelect President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Sunday. The country is enjoying moderate growth, but much of its economy is still off the books. Paulo Prada reports.
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Easy race for Lula in Brazil

| Sep 29, 2006
Brazilian President Lula da Silva is almost certain to win reelection this weekend. Leftist intellectuals have abandoned the leader, but Brazil's rank and file remain firmly in Lula's camp, Paulo Prada reports.
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One musician making it on his own

Sean Cole | Sep 29, 2006
Sean Cole profiles blues musician Richard Johnston, who gives new meaning to the term one-man band.

Who's responsible at HP?

Scott Jagow | Sep 29, 2006
Former chairwoman Patricia Dunn says she didn't know HP's leak investigation employed potentially illegal methods. CEO Mark Hurd says he didn't know about the pretexting. But Congress wants to hold someone accountable.
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Some pork with your spending bill?

Amy Scott | Sep 29, 2006
Even though Congress passed new rules on earmarks, the $447 billion defense budget expected to pass today is full of anonymous pet spending projects. Amy Scott reports.
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Hollywood tries to undercut bootleggers

Jocelyn Ford | Sep 29, 2006
Warner Bros. is employing new tactics to battle China's DVD pirates. It's releasing the "Superman Returns" DVD earlier and cheaper in China, but will it work? Jocelyn Ford reports.

British firms protest age discrimination law

Stephen Beard | Sep 29, 2006
Some British employers are complaining about a new law banning age discrimination at work, saying it will be costly, confusing and unfair. Stephen Beard reports.
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Another Sony battery recall

Brian Watt | Sep 29, 2006
Sony has lost more power in the battery market. IBM, Lenovo and Toshiba are the latest PC manufacturers to recall batteries for their laptops. Brian Watt reports.
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Recalling the term 'recall'

Helen Palmer | Sep 29, 2006
Doctors and manufactures are lobbying health regulators to discontinue use of the word "recall" when issuing advisories on faulty heart devices. Helen Palmer reports.
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