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Spending time with Ms. Dewey

Sean Cole | Dec 13, 2006
Microsoft's trying to generate buzz for its new search engine with a live-action sexy librarian character with an attitude. Ms. Dewey is her name. Sean Cole paid her a visit and found her hard to leave.

A recipe for economic slowdown

| Dec 13, 2006
There's been a lot of talk about economic populism in Congress lately, but commentator David Frum argues that a little protectionism and redistribution can do a lot of harm.
Posted In: Economy

Time to raise the bar on hedge funds?

Amy Scott | Dec 13, 2006
Do wealth limits for buying into hedge funds protect average investors or just help the rich get richer? The SEC meets today to consider what to do with those requirements. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Investing, Washington

More merger talk in the air

Dan Grech | Dec 13, 2006
Ever since US Air made a bid for Delta last month, merger mania has hit the airline industry. Just this morning, word of two possible deals. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Travel

Harrah's considers buyout offers

Steve Tripoli | Dec 13, 2006
The board of the world's largest casino company meets today to consider competing buyout offers from three private equity firms and a hedge fund. Steve Tripoli reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

SEC reconsiders Sarbanes-Oxley

John Dimsdale | Dec 13, 2006
Federal regulators are expected today to offer some relief for smaller companies that have been complaining about the cost of complying with the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley accounting rules. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Washington

New antidepressant warning?

Helen Palmer | Dec 13, 2006
There's already a safety warning for children, but today an FDA panel looks at whether labeling on antidepressants should include increased risk of suicide for adults too. Helen Palmer reports.
Posted In: Health

Christmas tree surplus

| Dec 13, 2006
A glut of Christmas trees on the domestic market has forced growers to look for sales opportunities abroad. Chris Lehman reports.
Posted In: Mexico

Steel power lunch

Stacey Vanek Smith | Dec 13, 2006
This week in 1900, one of the girders of the U.S. industrial economy was formed over a lunch meeting. Stacy Vanek-Smith has the history.

EU crackdown on chemicals

Stephen Beard | Dec 13, 2006
The European Union's REACH law is expected to pass today. It would regulate use of chemicals in products sold in the EU — and that could cost U.S. companies big-time. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Canada