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Bankruptcy comes to China . . . and that's good

Scott Tong | Jun 1, 2007
Investors and executives are paying special attention to a new corporate bankruptcy law that took effect in China today. It's the country's latest stop on the road to a free-market economy. Scott Tong reports.
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Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 1, 2007
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson discusses with host Kai Ryssdal what happened on Wall Street this week and what may lie ahead.
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Study: DVRs no big threat to advertising

Janet Babin | Jun 1, 2007
A study says TV viewers with DVRs don't fast-forward through commercials as much as advertisers feared, but they still skip them more than half the time. And, viewing of prime-time shows has increased. Janet Babin reports.
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Protests continue over TV-station closing

Dan Grech | Jun 1, 2007
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's closure of a popular TV station has prompted continuing protests. In response, he's pledged to create 24 public universities. How are those two things related? Dan Grech explains.

Getting new books into young hands

| Jun 1, 2007
A nonprofit group has found a new market of readers that the publishing industry usually has trouble reaching — children from low-income families. Alex Goldmark reports.

Straight Story: Moving up?

| Jun 1, 2007
Chris says Americans' belief in upward mobility is heading downhill

If buying a house wasn't enough of an adrenaline rush already . . .

| Jun 1, 2007
All you have to do to get a bargain on a house is be the fastest bidder. Tess Vigeland witnessed the action at a Los Angeles foreclosure auction.

Buzzword: Block Time

| Jun 1, 2007
Is the Earth getting longer? Because our flights certainly are. Ask the airline, though, and they might use "block time" to distort your perception of the clock.

Phone in on a better price

| Jun 1, 2007
New services are making it possible for store shoppers to do Internet bargain-hunting from their cell phones. Does this mean the end of retail rip-offs? Tess Vigeland talks to CNET's Brian Cooley.

Choosing whether or not to divest

| Jun 1, 2007
Is it better to invest in a troubled region so an economy can work for change, or pull out? Tess Vigeland talks about divesting with Smith College professor Eric Reeves.