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Job Files: Pool pro

| Sep 15, 2006
Rack 'em up. This week's installment of the Job Files visits professional pool player Jennifer Barretta.

Lobby reform may have to wait

Hilary Wicai | Sep 14, 2006
What happened to all the tough reform talk prompted by those ethics scandals at the beginning of the year? An earmark reform bill is making its through Congress today. Hillary Wicai looks at whether it has any teeth.
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Russian central banker gunned down

Stephen Beard | Sep 14, 2006
The second-in-command at Russia's central bank was shot dead last night in Moscow. Andrei Kozlov had been cracking down on money laundering. Stephen Beard reports.
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Good luck buying your own health insurance

Helen Palmer | Sep 14, 2006
Americans whose employers don't provide health insurance don't have a very good chance of finding it on their own. 9-in-10 who try are turned down or give up because it's too expensive, says a study out today. Helen Palmer reports.
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Happy hour anyone?

| Sep 14, 2006
A new study shows that workers who are open to staying after work for a drink with colleagues make more money — a lot more. Reason Magazine editor-in-chief Nick Gillespie tells us about the findings.

Clean technology sticker shock

Sam Eaton | Sep 14, 2006
Xcel Energy plans to build a clean-coal power plant to capture its CO2 emissions. It's hailed as a breakthrough in addressing global warming — but Colorado ratepayers may be stuck with a billion dollar bill. Sam Eaton looks at clean energy's next big hurdle: the tab.

Maquila sunrise: Jobs headed back to Mexico

| Sep 14, 2006
After a slump in the Mexican manufacturing industry a few years ago, many American corporations turned to labor in India and China. But thanks to some high tech changes, the maquilas may be back. Laura Belous reports.
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Why do we make bad money decisions?

Bob Moon | Sep 14, 2006
A new breed of economist is studying brain scans to figure that out. Think of it as an academic mashup between neuroscience and economics. Host Bob Moon talks to The New Yorker's John Cassidy who's been looking into the trend of Neuroeconomics.
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Target's Bullseye goes upscale

| Sep 14, 2006
Discount retailer Target has ventured into the world of high fashion with the Tar-zhay Couture label. Will it impact the company's value brand? Sarah Lemancyzk reports.

German engineer shortage

Kyle James | Sep 14, 2006
German engineering is considered among the best in the world. But as Kyle James reports, engineering's appeal as a career is dropping among German students.
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