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India hoping for nuclear nod

Miranda Kennedy | Nov 10, 2006
A controversial bill in the U.S. Congress would recognize India as a nuclear weapon state for the first time. Passage is uncertain but many U.S. companies are hoping it goes through. Miranda Kennedy explains.
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Disney makes a deal with UK telecom

Stephen Beard | Nov 10, 2006
The UK's largest telecom operator has bought the right to screen movies from Disney when it launches its on-demand video service next month. Stephen Beard reports.
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Budget bills await

John Dimsdale | Nov 9, 2006
Democrats will take over both the House and Senate when the 110th Congress is sworn in January 3. And they may inherit unfinished business from their lame-duck predecessor. John Dimsdale explains.
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Wall Street's election winners and losers

Alisa Roth | Nov 9, 2006
The Dow hit a new record high yesterday as alternative energy companies and biotechs celebrated Democratic wins. HMOs and other health care stocks didn't fare so well. Alisa Roth reports.
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Going after Cheney's task force?

Sarah Gardner | Nov 9, 2006
One priority of the incoming Democratic Congress will be to repeal tax breaks given to Big Oil in last year's Energy Act — and they may investigate the controversial task force behind the legislation while they're at it. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Lowering the language barrier

| Nov 9, 2006
The number of Latinos fatally-injured on the job has been climbing for years, due in part to language barriers with their English-speaking supervisors. One company in Nashville is trying to bridge the gap. Blake Farmer reports.
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Blueprint for safer surgery

Helen Palmer | Nov 9, 2006
The FDA has a new plan to improve safety monitoring for medical devices like pacemakers, defibrillators and those spring-like stents that pop arteries open during surgery. Helen Palmer reports.
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Zune challenges iPod with royalty deal

Janet Babin | Nov 9, 2006
Microsoft's new MP3 player debuts next week and with it comes an unprecedented agreement: Universal Music Group will get a small cut of every $250 Zune sold. What's in it for Microsoft? Janet Babin reports.
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Cold hard comedy

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 9, 2006
Comedies have become critical to studios' bottom lines. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks with Jon Gertner about his article on the economics of funny films for this weekend's New York Times Magazine.
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Iran moves into the information slow lane

Nancy Farghalli | Nov 9, 2006
Recently the Iranian government restricted use of high-speed Internet for residents there, and it's having a far-reaching effect. Nancy Farghalli explains.
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