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Daimler pays big to unload Chrysler

Kai Ryssdal | May 14, 2007
Nine years after acquiring Chrysler, Daimler is spending $650 million just to get somebody to take the car company off its hands. Kai Ryssdal totals it up.
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Where's the value in Chrysler?

Kai Ryssdal | May 14, 2007
What does Cerberus Capital Management see in Chrysler? Kai Ryssdal talks with The New York Times' Micheline Maynard about where profits may lie.
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Chrysler workers ride with Cerberus

Amy Scott | May 14, 2007
UAW chief Ron Gettelfinger originally opposed the Daimler-Cerberus deal for Chrysler, but he had a striking change of heart. Amy Scott reports.
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Bush calls for alternative fuel plans

John Dimsdale | May 14, 2007
President Bush has directed his cabinet to come up with rules that would lead to a 20% cut in gasoline use in the United States within 10 years. John Dimsdale reports.
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The high price of online eavesdropping

Ashley Milne-Tyte | May 14, 2007
Cable, DSL and voice-over-Internet companies are now required to let the government tap into people's Internet communications. It's an expensive proposition. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Immigration reform has foes on both sides

| May 14, 2007
Conventional wisdom is that with Democrats in control of Congress, President Bush could well get a new immigration law. But commentator Jeff Birnbaum says the Democrats aren't so eager for change.
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Small magazines gird for postage hike

| May 14, 2007
A first-class postage stamp rose 2 cents to 41 cents today. One rate that didn't go up today but will in July is for mailing periodicals. Jeremy Hobson reports that for some small magazines it's a welcome delay.
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Health insurance weighs heavier on small biz

Steve Tripoli | May 14, 2007
Finding, keeping and affording health insurance is a big headache for small businesses. Steve Tripoli reports on the challenge faced by a company he's been watching for years.
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Chrysler sold!

Stephen Beard | May 14, 2007
Daimler is handing over the Chrysler keys. Private equity firm Cerberus will buy an 80.1% stake in the struggling automaker for $7.4 billion. The deal was applauded by European shareholders, but not everyone's convinced it'll pay off, Stephen Beard reports.
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Sloan Sessions: Rate cut? Nah. . .

Scott Jagow | May 14, 2007
Whispers of a possible interest rate cut swirling around last week's Fed meeting left a lot of folks on Wall Street with fingers crossed, but Newsweek's Allan Sloan thinks rates are already much lower than they should be.
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