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First 'green certified' gas station opens today

Sam Eaton | Feb 23, 2007
BP unveils its Helios House solar-powered gas station in Los Angeles today, but activists say it doesn't address the real problem, because it's still pumping out the same old gas.

NASCAR willing to consider biofuel

Sarah Gardner | Feb 23, 2007
GM is urging NASCAR to follow the IndyCar Series' lead and switch over to ethanol-based fuel as U.S. automakers try to push the alternative into the mainstream. And NASCAR isn't scoffing at the idea.
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France, Germany talk job cuts

Ethan Lindsey | Feb 23, 2007
Jacques Chirac and Angela Merkel are trying to get the Airbus restructuring plan back on the runway. Germany balked at the initial plan which reportedly had it suffering the bulk of job cuts in the jointly-owned company.
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Russia yanks Boeing order

Stephen Beard | Feb 23, 2007
President Putin has blocked Russia's state-controlled airline Aeroflot from purchasing 22 Boeing Dreamliners in a move that appears to be more about politics than planes.
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Defense spending in the private sector

Scott Jagow | Feb 23, 2007
American defense contractors aren't the only ones looking to buy up some of the overseas competition. Britain's BAE Systems reportedly has a lengthy shopping list of U.S. companies.
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Google challenges Microsoft in the office

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 22, 2007
Google is rolling out a new office product called Google Apps. It hits the market just as Microsoft is peddling its latest office software. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at whether Bill Gates and company ought to be worried.

Underground fuel tanks need costly repairs

John Dimsdale | Feb 22, 2007
Underground fuel storage tanks, like those at your corner gas station, are leaking. And the Government Accountability Office says it will cost $12 billion for the clean-up. John Dimsdale reports.
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Golden State raises ante for 2008 campaign

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 22, 2007
A California Assembly committee today voted to move up next year's presidential primary from June to February. If signed by the governor, candidates' campaign costs will rise considerably.

Expect higher prices — it's natural

| Feb 22, 2007
The announcement that Whole Foods will pay about $565 million for its smaller rival, Wild Oats, worries commentator Alex Markels. He says the deal will just add to the rising prices of natural foods — like organic kale.
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Taking real estate to a new dimension

| Feb 22, 2007
If you've got a working knowledge of theoretical physics you can buy near San Francisco for less than 20 bucks. Nathanael Johnson explains.