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It's all about the beer -- lots of it

Amy Scott | Oct 9, 2007
The makers of Coors and Miller beers have come up with a new brew. It's called combining operations to increase pricing power and market share. But the two may face a tough fight with regulators. Amy Scott reports.
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Private equity's lobbying contributions

| Oct 9, 2007
Donations from private-equity firms have increased dramatically in the last 10 years. Here are the total amounts contributed and the politicians who have received the most.
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Alcoa report could indicate more

Alisa Roth | Oct 9, 2007
Aluminum maker Alcoa gives its third-quarter profit report today. Alisa Roth reports the company's earnings could tell us how far the subprime crisis has reached and the general health of the economy.
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Big chunk of arts budget up in smoke

Jill Barshay | Oct 9, 2007
Marlboro cigarette producer Altria is moving its headquarters to Virginia and plans to cut off the $7 million a year it gives to New York arts groups. Jill Barshay reports the funds won't easily be replaced.

Collecting art and investing in a dynasty

| Oct 9, 2007
Sotheby's spent months tracking down the Qing Dynasty artifacts sold in a four-day Hong Kong auction. Once found, the relics struck up fierce competition amongst Chinese investors. Kate Woodsome has more.
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Wealthy might not always mean savvy

Steve Tripoli | Oct 9, 2007
The SEC wants to raise the net worth requirement of hedge funds from $1 million to $2.5 million to keep out smaller investors. But some critics wonder what wealth has to do with it. Steve Tripoli has more.
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Europe to China: Beef up the Yuan

Kyle James | Oct 9, 2007
Eurozone finance ministers are trying to get China to boost the value of the yuan so it will appreciate against the euro and even out the country's trade imbalance with Europe. Kyle James reports.
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Supporting roles in fraud just as liable?

John Dimsdale | Oct 9, 2007
The Supreme Court will decide today whether those who help a company rip off shareholders can be sued by investors. John Dimsdale reports this may be a proxy battle for bigger lawsuits to come.
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Why Italian men won't leave the nest

Scott Jagow | Oct 9, 2007
In Italy, over one-third of men over 30 live at home with their parents. Scott Jagow talks to Rome correspondent Megan Williams about the influence of the country's economic situation and family culture.
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Sorry, Wii all out

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 9, 2007
Nintendo says it's worried there won't be enough Wii game consoles around this holiday season. Analysts say the company may be bluffing to boost demand, but Jeremy Hobson reports scarcity might help their competition.
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