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T-Mobile's marketing ploy: honesty

| May 17, 2006
The cell phone provider pulls even in customer satisfaction with rival Verizon Wireless for the first time according to a survey out Tuesday. Jason Paur reports.

NSA phone spying case getting murkier

Janet Babin | May 17, 2006
USA Today reported last week that three major phone companies have been turning over records to the National Security Agency. But Verizon, AT&T and BellSouth are denying that — sort of. Janet Babin reports.
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Biometric ID cards for immigrants?

John Dimsdale | May 16, 2006
Looks like President Bush might just get that guest worker program. But now somebody's got to figure out the hard parts, like how to track millions of undocumented or falsely documented workers. John Dimsdale reports.
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More health care isn't better health care

Helen Palmer | May 16, 2006
Almost a third of the money Medicare spends on chronically ill seniors is wasted, according to a new study out from Dartmouth Medical School. Helen Palmer tells us why.
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New York City's got a gun problem

Amy Scott | May 16, 2006
The Big Apple is suing 15 gun dealers in five states, from Georgia to Pennsylvania. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says guns from those states were used in more than 500 NYC crimes in less than a decade. Amy Scott reports.

Enron wait winding down

Kai Ryssdal | May 16, 2006
Houston Chronicle reporter Mary Flood gives host Kai Ryssdal an update on where the Enron trial is, and when to expect a verdict.

Breast milk for sale?

| May 16, 2006
There's nothing as good as mother's breast milk for a baby. Increasingly, that milk could come from businesses that operate on a strictly for-profit basis. Nancy Mullane reports.
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Tax-cut politics works, system doesn't

| May 16, 2006
Commentator and economist Len Burman says the tax-cut bill President Bush will sign this week is actually not the best way to go about reducing the tax load.
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Celeb for a night

| May 16, 2006
The Cannes film festival begins this week in France and John Laurenson found a way to feel like a star at the event. Soiree de Star will make you feel like a celebrity too — for a price.
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Piracy in China only getting worse

Jocelyn Ford | May 16, 2006
An American business group in China said today that government crackdowns on piracy haven't accomplished a thing. So companies are taking things into their own hands. Jocelyn Ford reports from Beijing.
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