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Insurers adapt to global warming

Janet Babin | Aug 23, 2006
According to a new study out today, some insurance companies are changing their policies to reflect the threats posed by global climate change. Janet Babin reports.

Do charter schools work?

Hilary Wicai | Aug 23, 2006
A new study looks at how charter schools compare to standard public schools. Hillary Wicai reports on the findings.

GM taking second-hand cars to India

Miranda Kennedy | Aug 23, 2006
General Motors in India is getting into a new side of the auto business: used car sales. Right now GM cars only account for 2% of the Indian market, but the company has big plans there. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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New fuel in UK immigration debate

Stephen Beard | Aug 23, 2006
Over half a million East Europeans have flocked to Britain to work in the past two years, say new official statistics, and that's revived debate about the economic benefits — and disadvantages — of large-scale immigration. Stephen Beard reports.
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Car buyers rank fuel economy No. 1

Hilary Wicai | Aug 23, 2006
A Consumer Reports survey out this morning shows that fuel economy is now the top consideration for folks in the market for a new vehicle. Hillary Wicai reports.

Paying the price for obesity

Helen Palmer | Aug 22, 2006
A study released today suggests that obesity has been a major factor driving Medicare spending growth in the last 15 years. Helen Palmer reports.
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Global warming insurance

Sam Eaton | Aug 22, 2006
A coalition of investors representing about $3 trillion is pressuring insurance companies to get serious about climate change. The industry's survival could depend on it. Sam Eaton reports.

Chavez talks oil with China

Jocelyn Ford | Aug 22, 2006
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may be anti-American, but the US is still his top oil customer. Today, he arrives in China where he hopes to divert some of that trade — despite a pesky geographic detail. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Welfare reform's 10th anniversary

Scott Jagow | Aug 22, 2006
The welfare reform law designed to help welfare recipients re-enter the workforce turns 10 today. Host Scott Jagow talks with American Enterprise Institute's Douglas Besharov about the program's success and failure.
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New brand of oil boom in Texas

| Aug 22, 2006
The West Texas twin cities of Midland-Odessa have seen their fortunes rise and fall on the price of a barrel of oil — and times haven't been this good for a long, long time. Michael May has the story.