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Working through a rough economy

Dan Grech | Oct 24, 2007
While the U.S. economy struggles to maintain its composure after the mortgage crisis, some companies find they can use it to their benefit. Dan Grech looks at a fast-growing company on the other side of the debacle.
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Closing the 'Enron loophole'

Amy Scott | Oct 24, 2007
Congress wants to prevent inflated natural gas prices from investment manipulation, along the lines of what happened with hedge-fund Amaranth. But some say the government shouldn't have to look so closely over investors' shoulders. Amy Scott reports.

New standards for mortgage lenders

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 24, 2007
The House is considering a bill that would set new standards for lending practices in hopes of eradicating issues that caused mortgage crisis. Jeremy Hobson has more.

Don't block the Rocktober

Rico Gagliano | Oct 24, 2007
The Colorado Rockies want to commemorate entry into the World Series by trademarking the month of "Rocktober" But the word is a valued marketing pun with several classic rock stations. Rico Gagliano has more.
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Today's market problems ring a bell

Alisa Roth | Oct 24, 2007
As Wall Street remembers the anniversary of Black Thursday, it's not difficult to see some similarities between today's market and the one from the Depression era. Alisa Roth looked into it.
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Don't support a conflict of interest

| Oct 24, 2007
Congress is looking into why credit-rating agencies gave high ratings to securities backed by subprime mortgages. Commentator Robert Reich says the answer is clear.

Getting more power out of using less

Sam Eaton | Oct 23, 2007
Rising construction costs and concerns over global warming legislation have caused utilities to cancel plans for 16 new coal-fired power plants in recent months. Instead, they're opting for something much cheaper -- conservation. Sam Eaton reports.

Being too poor not to go to the dump

| Oct 23, 2007
Sometimes it's not how much you pay but where you find things. Commentator Mary Annette Pember says for Native Americans, the town dump has historically been a key part of the economy.

Doing legal battle with terrorism funders

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 23, 2007
The Bush Administration has had a difficult time fully prosecuting organizations accused of financing terrorism. Kai Ryssdal talks with Dennis Lormel, who ran the FBI's terrorist financing task force, about uncovering these funding networks.
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Once burned, twice shy?

| Oct 23, 2007
The insurance bill from the Southern California wildfires could total into the billions of dollars. Will that change how we live? Kai Ryssdal asked Martin Grace, a professor of risk management, what he thinks.
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