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More bad news about Vioxx

Dan Grech | Jul 3, 2007
The painkiller was pulled from shelves after studies found greater risk of heart attacks and strokes. A new study finds that even short-term use was dangerous, potentially opening Merck to more lawsuits. Dan Grech reports.
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Business lobbies for foreign workers

Sam Eaton | Jul 3, 2007
The immigration bill defeated in the Senate last week may not be dead after all, at least not if business interests get their way. They're pushing to bring back parts of the legislation that would allow far more foreign workers. Sam Eaton reports.
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UAW ready to wheel and deal

Alisa Roth | Jul 3, 2007
After months of discussions, parts maker Delphi came to an agreement with the United Auto Workers last week. But the UAW will be looking for better deal when it sits down to renegotiate with the Big Three automakers later this month, Alisa Roth reports.
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A banner year for IPOs

Janet Babin | Jul 3, 2007
It's been a robust year so far for initial public offerings. Taking a company public raises money for the corporation, and a new report says firms have already raised billions in 2007. Janet Babin reports.
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Nuts & Bolts: Accidental boss

Steve Tripoli | Jul 3, 2007
Our business-owning listeners tell us they're not always eager to jump into hiring. Becoming a boss can dilute the attractions that lead people to self-employment in the first place, but it can also enhance the experience. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Extra-long holiday weekend

Alisa Roth | Jul 2, 2007
In fact, just make it a week. Lots of folks are taking advantage of the Wednesday holiday and plunking down a couple vacation days to enjoy an extended July 4 break. But will consumer spending stretch along with it? Alisa Roth reports.
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Econo-reasoning behind everyday things

Scott Jagow | Jul 2, 2007
Some of life's little mysteries have simple economic explanations behind them. Econ professor Robert Frank shares a few, and the philosophy behind his book and the assignment that gets everyone thinking about everyday life in cost-benefit terms.
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Congress says no to abstinence-only

| Jul 2, 2007
Starting this fall, the nation's public schools will have less money to spend on abstinence-only sex ed. The Democrats who now control Congress have different priorities for the $50 million grant that used to fund it. Stuart Cohen reports.
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Riding the iPhone publicity wave

Dan Grech | Jul 2, 2007
Universal Music is refusing to renew its annual contract with Apple to make its music available on iTunes. The at-will arrangement means Universal could yank its big name artists at a moment's notice. But that seems unlikely, Dan Grech reports.
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Delivery trucks to run on McDiesel

| Jul 2, 2007
McDonald's plans to recycle its used cooking oil to run its delivery trucks in the U.K. by year's end. The move may not save the company money, but it says it'll reduce its carbon emissions by 78 percent and it could boost sales along with its green image.
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