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Putting global warming on the plastic

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jul 25, 2007
General Electric is introducing a credit card that allows shoppers to purchase carbon offsets as they spend. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Selling to the haves, giving to the have-nots

| Jul 25, 2007
This weekend, a Southern California shoe company will give one pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair purchased. Brett Brune reports on the company's charitable nature despite its for-profit status.

Moroccans dream of being 'far away'

| Jul 25, 2007
With illegal migration to Europe a big problem in Morocco, the country is considering ways to keep its citizens in. John Laurenson has the story from phosphate-mining town Khouribga, a popular point of departure.
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The Unemployment Rate Is Too High

Chris Farrell | Jul 25, 2007
Why do we think a 4.5% unemployment rate is too low or, to put it somewhat diferently, is acceptable. Far too many people are unemployed these days...

A microcosm of the subprime meltdown

Steve Henn | Jul 25, 2007
One working-class neighborhood in Cleveland saw 400 foreclosures last year. But critics say the home lending crisis is only now making headlines because it's shaking up Wall Street. Steve Henn reports.
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Time off? Working poor can't afford it

| Jul 25, 2007
Like millions of lower-wage workers in America, Moira Manion has to keep working to make ends meet. The stress is affecting her health, but without medical insurance or vacation time, there's no option but to keep working.
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Investors hedging bets in a big way

Amy Scott | Jul 25, 2007
More and more investors are taking money out of their brokerage accounts and investing in hedge funds to protect against the possibility of a correction in the Dow, now hovering at 14,000. Amy Scott reports.
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New push to regulate Big Tobacco

Jeff Tyler | Jul 25, 2007
Congress will consider whether the FDA should have more regulatory power over cigarette makers. But at least one former FDA official says the agency is simply too swamped to take on more responsibilities. Jeff Tyler reports.
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More like bummer camp

| Jul 25, 2007
Campfires? Not so much. And forget that class in riflery... Summer camps are increasingly feeling pressure to lower risks for their young guests, and many familiar activities are banned. Monica Brady-Myerov reports.

A legal faceoff over Facebook

Stephen Beard | Jul 25, 2007
Former Harvard classmates go to court today over who owns the software behind the wildly successful Facebook Web site. It could be a big test for a young Web mogul behind the "new Google." Stephen Beard reports.
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