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Lennar cuts labor

Jeremy Hobson | Sep 25, 2007
Miami-based homebuilder Lennar suffered it's biggest lost in the company's 52-year history, causing it to cut 35 percent of its jobs. Jeremy Hobson reports more are on the way.
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Tess Vigeland | Sep 25, 2007

Day 1: Fix Japan's economy

Scott Tong | Sep 25, 2007
Yasuo Fukuda started today as Japan's new prime minister, and he's already got a lot of economic baggage to carry. Scott Tong reports what's on the leader's to-do list.
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New economy, antiquated labor system

| Sep 25, 2007
Even with a modern, global economy, slavery can still be found in the U.S. Doug Krizner talks to John Bowes, who has a new book out on contemporary slavery, about how and why it's still around.
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A defining point for the auto industry

| Sep 25, 2007
What effect will the United Auto Workers strike have on General Motors, and how long can it last? Doug Krizner asked Micki Maynard from The New York Times, who said the UAW could be at it for weeks.
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BP 3rd-quarter outlook: 'dreadful'

Stephen Beard and Lisa Napoli | Sep 25, 2007
BP stock is tanking on a dreary third-quarter appraisal by the company's CEO. Stephen Beard in tells us why it's possible for an oil giant to do poorly right now.
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Holy feeling for holey wallet

Lisa Napoli | Sep 25, 2007
Religion may seem to be on the rise in the U.S., but a new book called "Shopping for God" says it may have more to do with marketing than spirituality. Lisa Napoli talks to author James Twitchell.
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Rebound for junk bonds?

Amy Scott | Sep 25, 2007
The Fed interest rate cut gave a much-needed boost to the junk bond market, but investment banks still need to claw their way out of debt before they can celebrate. Amy Scott has more.
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Battle heats up over Southwest water

Stacey Vanek Smith | Sep 24, 2007
It was a long dry summer across the Southwest United States. And climate experts say it's only going to get worse -- which has made one already scarce commodity all the more precious. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports on the competition for water between cities and the countryside.

'Buy 1, Give 1' laptop campaign boots up

Steve Tripoli | Sep 24, 2007
Remember the group that want to provide a $100 laptop computer to kids in poor countries? It hit a snag, in part, because it couldn't deliver the machine at that price. Today, it rebooted its business plan. Steve Tripoli reports.