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Chipping away at profits

Amy Scott | Jan 23, 2007
Computer chips keep getting smaller — and so do their prices. That's leaving archrivals Intel and Advanced Micro Devices in a race to cut costs and improve their products. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Science, Wall Street

Schizophrenia drug under scrutiny

Stephen Beard | Jan 23, 2007
The Times of London says leaked documents show that American drug maker Eli Lilly knew about potentially-dangerous side effects of Zyprexa almost a decade ago. Stephen Beard has details.
Posted In: Canada, Health

Finding the gold in Golden State

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jan 23, 2007
This week in 1848, gold was discovered in California. That lucky strike sparked the largest gold rush ever and an economy was born. Stacey Vanek-Smith has the history.

Generics are a bitter pill for Pfizer

Stephen Beard | Jan 22, 2007
The world's biggest drugmaker says it will lay off 10,000 jobs — about 10% of its workforce — due to threats to its sales from generic drugs. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Health, Jobs

Could tax break be a healthcare benefit?

Hilary Wicai | Jan 22, 2007
In his State of the Union Address, President Bush will propose making healthcare coverage more affordable by changing the way health benefits are taxed. Hillary Wicai reports.
Posted In: Health, Washington

A briefer, more general State of the Union

John Dimsdale and Kai Ryssdal | Jan 22, 2007
If White House leaks are to be believed, President Bush's speech tomorrow night won't be your average State of the Union Address. Marketplace's John Dimsdale talks with Kai Ryssdal about what to expect.
Posted In: Washington

Mass. health plan getting second opinions

Helen Palmer | Jan 22, 2007
Last October the Bay State started signing up its low-income uninsured for a universal health coverage plan. But Helen Palmer reports that some cracks in that plan are starting to show.
Posted In: Health

A rescue from the send button

| Jan 22, 2007
For businesses, e-mails gone wrong can be a matter of corporate life and death. Alex Goldmark tells us about one possible solution — self-destructing communications.
Posted In: Crime

Domestic violins

| Jan 22, 2007
There's no quiet at Sandra Tsing Loh's house these days. The humorist and commentator reveals what happens when she takes up the fiddle.

Cracks in foundations

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 22, 2007
Duke University professor Joel Fleishman says that despite their good intentions most foundations have plenty of problems. He talks with Kai Ryssdal about his new book on the subject.
Posted In: Books, Investing