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Wall Street sinks on bad economic news

Bob Moon | Nov 7, 2007
Recent market euphoria gave way today to worries over the ever-deepening subprime credit crisis, the weakening dollar and record oil prices. Bob Moon looks into what happens if investors overdose on the negatives.
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A well-traveled breakfast

Steve Henn | Nov 7, 2007
Steve Henn figures his typical family breakfast journeyed 6,000 miles to his kitchen table. It's a symptom of the ever-growing global food trade, and the fossil fuel cost required to move commodities across the planet is growing with it.

Boycott Chinese Toys

Chris Farrell | Nov 7, 2007
Another horrifying story about a contaminated toy made in China. Here's the headline story from the Wall Street Journal:...

The Kitchen Sink is Almost Empty

Chris Farrell | Nov 7, 2007
Toggle bonds are back. Even as the major Wall Street firms and banks come clean on their subprime mortgage loans, investors are snapping up the...

Conservative Advice From Zvi Bodie

Chris Farrell | Nov 7, 2007
Zvi Bodie is a leading finance professor comfortable in the quantatative world of finance theory and practice. Still, he's strongly committed to...

GM has worst quarter ever

Amy Scott | Nov 7, 2007
General Motors looked like it was on the upswing until this morning, when reports showed the company lost a record $39 billion in the last three months. Amy Scott reports the trouble came from accounting . . . and subprime.
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Homelessness less a chronic problem

Amy Scott | Nov 7, 2007
The Department of Housing and Urban Development says chronic homelessness is coming down. But Amy Scott reports this portion includes mostly single adults, and doesn't reflect homeless families.

Health of the U.S. consumer is failing

| Nov 7, 2007
A report out today from the Federal Reserve reviews the health of the American consumer. Paul Brandus reports that with the current economy, U.S. consumer health will likely deteriorate rapidly as the holidays approach.
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Ford, UAW deal outlook good

Alisa Roth | Nov 7, 2007
Ford and the UAW are in the final stages of an agreement, with workers' approval of the deal the last thing pending. Alisa Roth reports the new contracts draw similarities to those struck with GM and Chrysler.
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What if you gave away all your money?

| Nov 7, 2007
Performance artist Sara Juli wanted to confront and let go of her fears about money. So she took the idea literally and let go of $5,000 -- her entire life savings. Nick van der Kolk has more on her money-obsessed show.