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Green car at your service

| Jan 1, 2007
A new car service in New York City will cost more than a cab, but you can ride with a cleaner environmental conscience — not to mention an iBook and Wi-Fi. Lisa Napoli has details.
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Looking for a green Big Apple

Sarah Gardner | Jan 1, 2007
A new "green buildings" law goes into effect today in New York City. Supporters hope it will inspire green construction all over the country. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Wall Street Journal getting skinnier

Alisa Roth | Jan 1, 2007
The daily diary of business is taking three inches of width off its newspaper to save $18 million in newsprint costs. But as Alisa Roth reports, that's not all.
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Job Files: Burlesque dancer

| Jan 1, 2007
We interview Angie Pantani, chairman of the board of The Pantani Sisters.

AT&T, BellSouth finally wed

Amy Scott | Dec 29, 2006
The $85 billion merger received a final nod from the Federal Communications Commission after AT&T agreed to treat all broadband customers and content equally. Amy Scott reports.

Russia, Belarus standoff heats up

Stephen Beard | Dec 29, 2006
Russia says it may cut off natural gas to Belarus if the nation doesn't pay twice the price to Kremlin-controlled Gazprom. Belarus could counter by shutting off the natural-gas flow over its territory into Western Europe. Stephen Beard reports.
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Report gives Apple some Jobs security

Bob Moon | Dec 29, 2006
A report filed by the company today clears CEO Steve Jobs and the rest of Apple's current management team of any wrongdoing in its stock option backdating scandal.

Cracking the HD-DVD code

Sam Eaton | Dec 29, 2006
A computer hacker is now claiming he's cracked the supposedly hacker-proof code for the budding High Definition DVD technology. Sam Eaton looks at what this may mean to Hollywood's hopes for boosting sagging sales.

Reporter's dream assignment: Free Beer

Ethan Lindsey | Dec 29, 2006
The open-source movement isn't limited to computers. The "code" for a good brew is making the rounds. Marketplace <nobr>strong-armed</nobr> reporter Ethan Lindsey into tracking down the source.
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Week on Wall Street

Bob Moon | Dec 29, 2006
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson discusses with host Bob Moon what happened on Wall Street in 2006 and what may lie ahead.
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