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Saca buddies up to Democrats

Dan Grech | Feb 27, 2007
El Salvador's President Tony Saca is a strong ally of the Bush administration, but now he's trying to make friends with top Democrats and it has everything to do with immigration.

Warming to environmental concerns

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 26, 2007
Kai Ryssdal talks with David Hawkins, who runs the climate center at the Natural Resources Defense Council, about the effects global warming is having on business deals.

A torrent of legal movies?

Janet Babin | Feb 26, 2007
Digital download service BitTorrent is cozying up to Hollywood. Will people go for legal movie downloads? Janet Babin reports from the Marketplace Innovations Desk at North Carolina Public Radio.

Keeping that rainy day in mind

John Dimsdale | Feb 26, 2007
We all know how bad Americans are at saving money. But have you heard about "America Saves Week?" It starts today, and John Dimsdale has the scoop.
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Meet your meal

Amy Scott | Feb 26, 2007
Today, a rule that New York restaurants post nutrition information on their menus may be in question, just as other cities are looking to follow suit. Amy Scott digests the story for us.
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| Feb 26, 2007
Commentator Jeff Birnbaum says corporations are getting nervous as Congress prepares to tackle the federal budget.
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John Mackey on Whole Foods' growth

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 26, 2007
In part two of our interview with John Mackey, the Whole Foods Market CEO talks to Kai Ryssdal about how the company has grown.
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Les Rosbifs

Eleanor Beardsley | Feb 26, 2007
Eleanor Beardsley checks in with a story about creative French realtors who have figured out a new way to lure Brits across the Channel.
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We have Sloan's permission to be upbeat

Scott Jagow | Feb 26, 2007
Even though the Dow Industrials last week had its worst week since August, Wall Street did set a significant record. Newsweek's Allan Sloan explains to Scott Jagow why things are actually looking up.
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Satellite radio: Monopoly or competitor?

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Feb 26, 2007
XM and Sirius, the country's only satellite radio networks, will make their case before Congress this week for why the FCC's antitrust rules don't apply to their proposed merger. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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