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Bush not pumped about gas tax

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 9, 2007
At a news conference, President Bush made it clear what he thinks of a higher gas tax to fix the nation's infrastructure. He also fielded a larger-than-usual array of questions about the state of the U.S. economy.
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Betting against subprime lenders

Steve Tripoli | Aug 9, 2007
Some people have been "shorting" the companies that created and financed the subprime mortgage debacle. Steve Tripoli has been asking whether there's still time for a profitable bet against the architects of subprime.

Johnson & Johnson is a little cross

Jeremy Hobson | Aug 9, 2007
Johnson & Johnson is suing the American Red Cross over its commercial use of the symbol they've shared for more than 100 years. Jeremy Hobson reports
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Campbell is no longer sweet on Godiva

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 9, 2007
Campbell, the soup company, is putting its Godiva Chocolates brand up for sale. The company's decided the Belgian-style chocolatier is a little too indulgent for its new emphasis on healthy foods. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Screening plan hits turbulent reaction

Bob Moon | Aug 9, 2007
The Department of Homeland Security issued a revised Secure Flight passenger screening program today. And privacy rights advoctates were quick to respond. Bob Moon reports.
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Did you use that gift card or rebate?

| Aug 9, 2007
Retailers are using gift cards and rebates to prompt us to buy. And, as commentator Ian Ayres points out, they're profiting from the fact that many of us won't use those cards and rebates.
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Welcome to 'Westonzuela'

Dan Grech | Aug 9, 2007
Florida, the Cuban capital of the United States, is making room for a new Latino group -- Venezuelans fleeing the rule of President Hugo Chavez. Dan Grech reports on what the influx means for the state's economy.
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Text 'til you drop

| Aug 9, 2007
Text-messaging has leapt over the wall of teen obsession and into the hands of the general consumer public, so some retailers are taking advantage of the technology to lure consumers to their stores. Ambar Espinoza explains.
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Inflation? No, it's the Bernanke Squeeze

Scott Jagow | Aug 9, 2007
Chris Farrell suspects all that Fed talk about inflation is just a cover, an excuse to keep interest rates at current levels because it doesn't want to bail Wall Street investment banks out of the mess they created... and heavily profited from.
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Johnson & Johnson seeing red

| Aug 9, 2007
The American Red Cross and Johnson & Johnson have worked with the same symbol for over 100 years on a pact that the Red Cross not use it commercially. Now J&J is suing the relief organization for displaying the symbol on its retail products. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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