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Utility workers wanted

Sarah Gardner | May 29, 2007
A severe labor shortage looms in the power industry thanks to rising energy demands and a workforce on the verge of retirement. Sarah Gardner looks at how utility companies plan to keep the juice coming.
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G8 climate change warm-up

Kyle James | May 29, 2007
High-ranking officials from the U.S. and Germany are meeting to try to work out a compromise on climate change ahead of next week's G8 summit, but European leaders aren't optimistic, reports Kyle James.
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Whaling on about a ban

Sam Eaton | May 28, 2007
After ar two-decades moratorium on commercial whaling, officials are meeting in Anchorage today to consider lifting the ban. But pro-whaling countries need a three-quarters majority. Sam Eaton reports.

Trade sanctions don't faze Burma

Scott Tong | May 28, 2007
Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi remains under house arrest in Burma.But despite economic sanctions imposed on the country in response, the economy there is thriving. Scott Tong reports.
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More transparency in the cost of health care

Alisa Roth | May 28, 2007
A doctors' group in California is making the costs of several basic medical services available online. The idea is to compete against less-transparent health care providers. Alisa Roth has the story.
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Fees on traffic congestion spread in England

Stephen Beard and Bob Moon | May 28, 2007
Manchester is considering taking a cue from London by charging drivers in traffic-heavy areas. Bob Moon weighs the pros and cons of the potential move with Stephen Beard.
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You can golf till the cows come home

Rico Gagliano | May 28, 2007
Demand for tee time in smaller countries tends to make golf a bit on the pricey side. Rico Gagliano discovered a field in The Netherlands that found a creative way to keep prices down.
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Some media just sing louder

Bob Moon | May 28, 2007
CD sales are at another record low, but Aaron Pressman of BusinessWeek magazine says it may just be because our attention is elsewhere. He discusses the music industry with Bob Moon.
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Employees never get sick of excuses

Amy Scott | May 28, 2007
Whether that nagging cough really has gotten ugly or you're cashing in on a hallowed mental health day, there are as many ways to call out of work as there are reasons to do so. Amy Scott prefers cayenne pepper.

Coke could be making another splash

Stephen Beard | May 28, 2007
Last week Coca-Cola bought Glaceau of New York. Today there are reports that Coke could take over Britain's second-biggest mineral-water supplier. Stephen Beard reports.