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Congress seeks funds for food safety

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 8, 2007
Congress is trying to find funds to expand the FDA's budget to inspect imported food. Only 1 percent of food imported into the U.S. is currently inspected. Jeremy Hobson has more.
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NYC's concrete business is solid

| Oct 8, 2007
With a ton of work and limited competition, business is booming for New York City concrete suppliers. Lisa Chow tells us why concrete producers are able to bring up their prices so high and teaches us about the 90-minute rule.
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Who was Jim Michaels?

Scott Jagow | Oct 8, 2007
You might not recognize his name, but you might be able to recognize what Jim Michaels did for business news. Michaels died last week at 86. Scott Jagow talks to Allan Sloan, who worked with him.

Anyone want to buy a loan?

Alisa Roth | Oct 8, 2007
Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase are looking for buyers for $32 billion in loans. Alisa Roth reports it's a good sign that there's still life stirring in private equity.
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The mystery of declining DVD sales

Steve Tripoli | Oct 8, 2007
The entertainment industry is concerned over a potential drop in DVD sales. But Steve Tripoli reports that the problem may be the format's lack of growth.
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Q & A

Chris Farrell | Oct 7, 2007
The latest Star Tribune column....

The Personal Finances of Domestic Partners

Chris Farrell | Oct 7, 2007
Last Wednesday, we held at an educational seminar at Minnesota Public Radio for people who are in domestic partner relationships. The auditorium...

A Strong Defense of SCHIP

Chris Farrell | Oct 6, 2007
This is the best defense of why the President should have signed rather than vetoed the SCHIP legislation. It's posted on Greg Mankiw's blog. ...

The limits to what you should buy

Rico Gagliano | Oct 5, 2007
The folks behind HD DVD say they're rolling out a feature on new discs where you'll be able to go online from your video player and buy products related to the movie. But some wonder where that could lead.

How's our driving?

Tess Vigeland | Oct 5, 2007
We asked for it, you wrote in and told us how we were doing. Tess Vigeland goes over listener feedback and answers some questions about the show.