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Will money help Palestinians?

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 18, 2007
The United States and the European Union have decided to restore direct aid to the Palestinian Authority. We asked Middle East peace negotiator Dennis Ross whether the money will change much for the Palestinians.
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Vietnam comes courting U.S. business

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 18, 2007
Vietnam's president starts a six-day U.S. visit this week. Chris Runckel of the U.S.-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce talked with Kai Ryssdal about the issues on the agenda: trade and attracting American business.
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Studying ways to help 2-career couples

Jane Lindholm | Jun 18, 2007
A lot of married couples find themselves having to figure out who gives up what so the other can take the job of a lifetime. Jane Lindholm reports it's a problem especially common in academia.
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Rising Rates

Chris Farrell | Jun 18, 2007
There's a lot of handwringing over the rise in long-term interest rates, especially when it comes to stock market values. But I'm skeptical for now...

Big banks want in on microfinancing

Scott Jagow | Jun 18, 2007
Major banking institutions are seeing profits to be made in microfinance -- and they're capable of doling out far more than the organizations currently making the loans -- but Michaela Walsh worries they won't reinvest in the poor local communities.
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Boeing flying high in Paris

Stephen Beard and Bob Moon | Jun 18, 2007
The weeklong Paris Air Show began today in Europe. Airbus has already announced a couple big orders for its planes, but rival Boeing is in such a dominant position, it's certain to stay on top of the industry for now, Stephen Beard reports.
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A Blockbuster vote for Blu-ray

Dan Grech | Jun 18, 2007
It's the Beta vs. VHS battle of our time... two rival formats for high-definition DVDs are vying for market share. A move by the nation's biggest DVD rental retailer could tip the balance. Dan Grech reports.

Diagnosis: Video game addict

Alisa Roth | Jun 18, 2007
If you just can't put down that PSP... you may need psychiatric help says the AMA. It's considering adding video game addiction to its diagnostic manual. But don't expect gamers to take the new label too seriously, Alisa Roth reports.

Must-have FT ups the subscription ante

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jun 18, 2007
In Europe, a copy of the Financial Times is as essential to business as the Wall Street Journal is in America. And the publisher might raise the single-issue price to $4. Stephen Beard reports.
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Washington's new green party

Jill Barshay | Jun 18, 2007
Both Democrats and Republicans are working to make their 2008 national conventions the greenest ever. It may be all about appealing to voters, but regardless of motivation, activists happily point out, the environment wins. Jill Barshay reports.
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